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SafeRx Vials

SafeRx Locking Pill BottleUpstate Outpatient Pharmacy now utilizing locking prescription bottles referred to as SafeRx.

In an effort to help combat the opioid epidemic and unintentional overdose by children and teens, the Upstate Outpatient Pharmacy is introducing a new system to provide locking prescription bottles for controlled substances ordered for patients at discharge.

The program will be managed by Upstate’s Outpatient Pharmacy with patient and family education being provided by the Discharge Pharmacy Transition Team.

Why are we doing this?

“With the opioid epidemic continuing to be a problem within our community and the chance of accidental overdose high for these therapies, the pharmacy is taking a proactive approach to provide for a safer delivery system,” said Eric Balotin, Upstate’s director of Retail/Specialty Pharmacy. “It is the right thing to do for our community.”

Our policy utilizing the SafeRx vials:

  • All Meds-to-Beds patients being discharged with a control substance will have that medication placed in a SafeRx vial prior to discharge.