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Financial Assistance Program

Upstate Outpatient Pharmacy Financial Assistance Program is created to help patients in financial need purchase necessary medications and supplies. Via these programs, prescription medications may be made available at a minimal fee for individuals who do not have insurance or are underinsured. 

Patients who do not have insurance or receive medications not covered by insurance will have several different outlets to help with the cost of the medications. 

  • Copay cards, manufacturer discount cards, and disease state assistance programs are some of the many options that can be used
  • Foundation support can help those who cannot afford their life sustaining medication
  • The SUNY Outpatient Pharmacy will be among the few pharmacies that accept “Medicaid Pending” insurance status

The SUNY Outpatient Pharmacy Patient Advocates will help individuals of all demographics apply for assistance with medications.

 To apply for financial/medication assistance, please complete the Financial Evaluation Application Outpatient Pharmacy and send the completed form and requirements to:

Upstate University Hospital
Outpatient Pharmacy-Medication Assistance
750 E. Adams Street
Galleries 2nd Floor
Syracuse, NY 13202
[email protected]
315-464-4221 (Fax)

Contact us

(315) 464-3784 (DRUG) or Toll Free: (833) 713-1125
and select option #5 to speak with a Financial Assistance team member