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Medication Disposal

Disposing of Unused Medications Safely

Drop Box


Outside of the SUNY Outpatient Pharmacy, there is a medication disposal bin that may be used to dispose of unused medications.

For additional instructions on how to properly dispose of unused medications, check with your local waste collection service. You can also check the following websites for additional information:

FDA Medication Disposal Guidance



Disposing of Sharps (syringes/needles) Safely

Household Sharps (syringes/needles) – Dispose of Them Safely

  • The best way to protect trash handlers and sewage treatment workers against an accidental needle stick or injury is to follow these guidelines for containment and disposal of sharps.

Containment of Used Sharps / Needles / Syringes - Contain the sharps safely in your own home:

  • Use the sharps container provided by our pharmacy to store your used sharps until time to dispose of them.
  • If your sharps container is full or you do not have one, use a puncture-proof plastic container with a tight-fitting screw top. Don't use glass because it can break. Coffee cans are not recommended unless they are screw top, because the plastic lids come off too easily.
  • Label the container clearly. Write "Contains Sharps" with a waterproof marker directly on the container or on masking tape on the container.
  • Once you have used a syringe or lancet, immediately put it into your container. Screw on the top. Don't clip, bend, or recap the needles because you could injure yourself.
  • Keep the container away from children.
  • When the container is full, screw on the cap tightly. Seal it with heavy-duty tape to be extra safe.

Disposal of Sharps Containers

There are different options for getting rid of the container of sharps. Some cities and towns have more options than others. Here are the best bets for the safety, health and protection of the environment:

  • Effective July 1, 1995, hospitals and nursing homes in New York State were required to accept properly-contained home medical waste for disposal.
  • New York State law allows the disposal of household sharps, along with household trash. Local laws, however, may prohibit this. Consult your local Department of public works for information about laws that apply in your area.

 Do not put sharps containers out with the recyclable plastics.

 Sharps are not recyclable.