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Swift Knee and Swift Hip

Upstate Community Hospital now offers a one-day total knee or hip replacement option called Swift Knee or Swift Hip. Swift Knee and Swift Hip patients have surgery and go home on the same day. Typically the surgery is done early in the morning and patients may be discharged by later afternoon or early evening. The Swift Knee or Swift Hip option significantly shortens the patient’s hospital stay and allows for more rest and recovery at home.

Swift Knee or Swift Hip patients must talk with their doctor beforehand to determine if he or she is a good candidate for this one-day option. Swift Knee or Swift Hip patients must consult with their doctor and agree to pre-surgery steps that include an educational class on what to expect once home, physical therapy, consultations with nurse navigators and some testing.

Once the surgery is complete, Swift Knee or Swift Hip patients are discharged when they met discharge criteria and the pain is under control. Patients may stay overnight if necessary.

Benefits of a Swift Knee or Swift Hip:

  • Less time in the hospital.
  • Patients recover at home where the surroundings, food and people are familiar.

Swift Knee or Swift Hip, patients must:

  • Work with a nurse navigator to plan for the at-home, post-surgery environment including home layout, support person, discharge plan, transportation and more
  • Pre-habilitation prior to surgery consisting of 1-2 outpatient PT visits where therapist will review exercises, how to prepare your home, and teach proper use of devices. 
  • Meet with a nurse navigator before your surgery to review plan of care and discharge preparedness
  • Attend a “Total Joint Class for Swift Knee” before the operation.
  • Agree to pre-tests including labs and imaging.
  • Schedule their outpatient PT visit before surgery for 2 days following your surgery

Upstate is the only hospital in Central New York offering both in- and outpatient Swift Knee and Swift Hip options in a hospital setting. To schedule an appointment, call 315-464-4472.