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Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY introduces the Mako computerized, robotic surgical tool for Orthopedic surgery.

Mako Robotic Arm Technology

Meet the Mako

The Mako Robotic Arm is a surgeon-interactive robotic arm technology that enables advanced treatment options for more accurate hip and knee implant placement. Upstate Community Hospital is the first and only place in the Central New York region to offer this breakthrough technology.

What does the Mako do?

The Mako robot combines tactile robotic arm technology with integrated, intelligent surgical instruments, and a high-definition patient-specific visualization system. This provides the surgeon with real time visual, tactile and auditory feedback to optimize implant positioning and placement, and to restore bio-mechanical alignment and joint motion. It not only allows a surgeon to pre-plan and treat each patient uniquely and with consistently reproducible precision but assists the surgeon in achieving optimal results at a level of accuracy previously unattainable with conventional instrumentation.

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