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Outreach and Education

Grand Rounds

OB Grand Rounds is held at the Marley Education Center, located at 765 Irving Avenue every Friday from 7:30am to 8:30am. Due to the pandemic, these presentations are now being conducted virtually with a wide variety of current OB and GYN topics being presented by local and nationally recognized experts.


If you are interested in presenting please contact Aimee Rougeau, rougeaua@upstate.edu


Regional Educational Evening Mini Series

The CNY Regional Perinatal Program is now offering expanded educational opportunities throughout the year with the Regional Educational Evening Mini Series.  Each evening will be dedicated to a different topic to expand the knowledge base of the community, nurses, providers and residents in the most recent developments in perinatal care. 

For further information regarding the CNY Regional Educational Evenings please contact the Regional Neonatal Outreach Coordinator at (315) 470-7687.

2020 Mini Series Calendar

Jan. 28, 2020 | Supporting Parents at the Time of Perinatal or Infant Loss

5:00-7:30pm, Marley Education Center, 765 Irving Ave., Syracuse
Cost: $10 (light meal included) | Register Online


March 31, 2020 | LGBTQ+ Health Awareness

5-8 pm, doors open at 4:30pm | Marley Education Center


  • Jen Deshaies IBCLC, CD, BBCE will be presenting on:
    Why Inclusive Language Matters for Families with Babies, and
    Alternative Feeding Methods for Non-traditional Families
  • Samuel Castleberry M.S. and Rachel Fabi, Ph.D will be presenting on:
    Creating a Safe and Welcoming Space for LGBTQ+ patients, and
    LGBTQ+ Bioethics Case Review

Parent Panel:

  • Families will share their personal stories of what went well and what could have gone better in their Maternal Child Health and healthcare experiences 

    Cost is $10 and includes a light dinner

    Please note: At the current time we will no longer be able to offer CEUs/CMEs for the evening.  

    Register online through Eventbrite

Regional Perinatal Program Outreach Site Visit

In keeping with the NYS DOH requirements, the annual Regional Perinatal Program Outreach meeting is held at each hospital in the Central New York Region with obstetrical services.

For this visit, the team from the Regional Perinatal Center will consist of a Maternal/Fetal Medicine attending and a Neonatology attending as well as the Perinatal Nurse Coordinators of OB and Neonatology. Affiliate hospital staff to attend will be the Chiefs of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, the OB/Pediatric Nurse Manager and other obstetrical, pediatric and nursing care providers. Functions to be carried out will include:

  • Presentation of two perinatal education topics by the Outreach Team from the Regional Center.
  • Review of the hospitals Statewide Perinatal Data System annual report from the previous year.
  • Report/analysis by the Regional Centers SPDS Coordinator of the hospitals SPDS report in comparison with the region-wide report, other hospitals data and national standards.
  • Discussion of pre-identified cases from the prior year, chosen by the Regional Center or the Affiliate staff, which are of special interest, concern, or educational value.
  • Review of the maternal/newborn consultation/transport experience of the Affiliate hospital for the prior year with feedback regarding outcomes and detailed discussion of cases with significant morbidity or mortality. Discussion of any other issues regarding the Affiliate hospital or Regional Center patient care functions or relationships.
  • Discussion of any other issues regarding the Affiliate hospital or Regional Center patient care functions or relationships.

2020 Symposium

The annual Symposium celebrates its 47th on October 23, 2020. Current OB and Neonatal topics are chosen to keep the nurses, providers and residents from Central New York updated on the most recent developments in perinatal care. For further information with regard to the Symposium event, please contact Chelsea Castor at 315 470-7687.

Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse: When “Normal Transition” Fails

Terry S. Johnson, APN, NNP-BC, ASPPS, CLEC, MN

Teamwork: Eight Traits of Great Teams

Lindsey Zajac, Principal, Ahern, Murphy & Associate

NICU ALERT! Labor and Birth Practices Impacting Neonatal Outcome

Nancy O’Brien-Abel, MN, RNC
Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist, Perinatal Consulting, LLC

The Unexpected Project: Giving a Voice to the Survivors of Pregnancy-Related Death and Near-Miss

Anne Garrett – Maternal Health Advocate, Fundraiser/philanthropy advisor