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Center for Maternal and Child Health

Center for Maternal and Child Health
Upstate Health Care Center
Suite 4079
90 Presidential Plaza
Syracuse, NY 13202
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Phone: 315 464-5702
Fax: 315 464-5703
Email: daviska@upstate.edu

The Center is a collaboration of efforts by members of the SUNY Upstate Medical University team aimed at using education, research, and patient care to improve the outcome of pregnancy.


To serve mothers and children via education, research and patient care, to optimize family health.


For all mothers, children and families to attain the maximum opportunities for health.

What Efforts Are Underway?

Education and research efforts are reflected in our Central New York Regional Perinatal Program and Perinatal Data System.

Patient Care Efforts are reflected in two clinical models, the Regional Perinatal Center activities for high risk perinatal care and the Women's Health Services for low risk perinatal care.

The focus of these efforts is to provide risk appropriate care which at the same time honors and maximizes:

  • Intrinsic Naturalness of the Reproductive/Parenting Process
  • Biological Continuity of the Fetus Newborn, Infant
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationship of the Mother-Fetus/Mother-Child
  • Value of the Father in Achieving Long Term Optimal Family Health


The Center for Maternal and Child Health focuses on three main programs:

  • Central New York Regional Perinatal Program
  • Syracuse Healthy Start

The CMATCH staff is a team of professionals working together in a collaborative effort to foster the growth and continual improvement of maternal and child health. Each member of the team has a particular area of expertise that contributes to the success of the programs.