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Midwifery and Gynecology

photo of Physicians' Office Building
Midwifery & Gynecology
Physicians' Office Building
Map & directions
Suite 600
725 Irving Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315 464-5162
Fax: 315 464-4615

Upstate University Hospital's Midwifery Program offers personalized care options for women at all ages and stages of life. As licensed independent health care providers, our Certified Nurse Midwives are nationally accredited and work with collaborating physicians within the Upstate University Health System. These modern day midwives are recognized under federal law as primary care providers.

Our midwives understand the importance of developing long term relationships with patients. And they encourage an atmosphere of collaboration when it comes to health care decisions—offering care options and assisting in making choices that work best for each patients' individual needs.

In addition to addressing primary care needs of a woman, our Upstate team offers gynecological care, family planning, perimenopause and menopause management, among its services.

Personalized Pregnancy Care

While midwifery has traditionally been associated with child birth and home delivery, things have changed dramatically as this age-old practice has evolved into its modern day counterpart. Contrary to what many think, about 99 percent of all babies birthed by midwives are born in a hospital or birth center.

Our midwives offer personalized care throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery with the support of a team of board-certified obstetricians. In the event a complication develops and the services of an obstetrician becomes necessary, our midwives and obstetrician work together to address your individual medical needs.

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