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Evaluation Male Factor

Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is one of the first steps to accurately diagnosing male infertility. The ejaculate is examined for sperm concentration, motility of the sperm and morphology (shape). Other tests that are performed with the complete semen analysis include membrane structure and membrane function tests.

If any of these factors are abnormal a second semen analysis is recommended four to six weeks apart to ensure this is what the patient is consistently producing. Specialized tests such as sperm antibody, chromatin integrity (DNA fragmentation), sperm longevity, acrosome stimulation test and retrograde semen analysis may be ordered to aid in determining the cause of male infertility.

Semen samples are collected, after a 2-7 day sexual abstinence period, by masturbation in a sterile container provided by the laboratory. To avoid compromising the integrity of the semen sample it is preferred to be collected at our facility in a private room. If either collection at our facility or by masturbation is not possible, please contact our lab (315-464-6550) for special instructions or arrangements.

In addition, an extensive array of sperm preparations for intrauterine insemination is available to overcome the deficiencies/defects in the semen sample in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.

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