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Freezing and Long-term Storage of Sperm and Embryos

Cryopreservation Room
Cryopreservation Room

With the assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure, our goal is to achieve a maximum pregnancy rate.

If excess normal embryos are available during an ART procedure, we recommend that any additional normal embryos be cryopreserved and stored for thaw and transfer in a future to achieve pregnancy. Although embryos can be stored in a frozen state for many years. As this option does not involve drug stimulation, intensive monitoring, or egg retrieval. This is great time and cost savings for patients with cryopreserved embryos.

The survival rate after freezing and thawing embryos is approximately 75%.

Current national statistics suggest that there is approximately 1820% live birth rate per transfer attempt of frozen embryos. There is no indication that the risk of birth defects or other abnormalities is increased in pregnancies established from previously frozen embryos.