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Application FAQ's

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Are both Step 1 & 2 required?

Step 1 is needed for the application and both Step 1 and Step 2 are needed for rank.

If an applicant has passed Step 1 and Step 2 CS but not Step 2 CK are they still eligible?

No, this is ok for the application but we need both for rank.

Do you have a minimum USMLE score we accept?

We consider your entire application in this process.

Do you accept applicants with multiple attempts at the USMLE?

Yes; we have no set cut off as we consider your entire application in this process.

How long do we accept applicants after medical school?

5 years.

Is US clinical experience a requirement?


Does clinical experience have to be from the US or is foreign experience acceptable?

Both US and foreign clinical experience are accepted.

Do you require a letter of recommendation from the Department Chair of the specialty I am applying to or is any recommendation acceptable?

We do not require a letter from the Chair but we do require OB/GYN specific letters.

Is your program open to foreign medical students?


Do you require that applicants be ECFMG at the time of application?


Does your program sponsor Visas?

Yes, J-1 and H-1B. Please visit our institution's Graduate Medical Education web page for more information.