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Food and Nutrition Services

Weekly Menus
Legend for Menus:  FIT - Balanced Nutrients for energy and well-being  V (Vegetarian) - No meat, fish, poultry or shellfish but may contain dairy or eggs   V+ (Vegan) - No ingredients from animal or dairy products
For more information, call:
4-MENU or 315 464-6368
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Our Goal is to Please All of Our Customers!

We are proud to offer our weekly cafeteria menu that will be published each week, featuring a variety of nutritious regional and ethnic foods that were developed by our regional and national chefs and dietitians. Our promise to you is the fastest and friendliest services with attention to details.

Morrison Food & Nutrition Services
Room 2407, University Hospital
Phone: 315 464-4308
Fax: 315 464-4301