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Psychiatric Nursing

The Upstate University Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, consists of 23 beds, admits individuals 18 and over with various psychiatric diagnoses. Patients are admitted on both a voluntary and involuntary status and through various referral sources.

The reputation of the unit brings referrals from all over central New York for patients with complex diagnostic or management problems. Within a richly diverse patient population, the multidisciplinary staff provides an atmosphere of acceptance, caring and respect.

Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationships

In order to provide the most consistent, competent, and accountable psychiatric nursing care, the Registered Nurses on the inpatient unit adopted a nursing model, Peplau's Interpersonal Relations in Nursing. Peplau's theory is used on the unit in conjunction with the nursing process as both are sequential and focus on the nurse-patient relationship, as well as utilize problem solving techniques for the nurse and patient to collaborate on with the outcome of meeting the patient's individual needs.


Nursing functions as a patient and family advocate emphasizing community reintegration.

Therapeutic Programming

Nurses assist patients with self-understanding in an atmosphere of acceptance, caring and trust. Patients are offered an individualized plan of care including individual and group therapy with a strong emphasis on skill-development through psychoeducational programming. Discharge planning is an important component of the patient's treatment plan. The multidisciplinary team and patient work together to develop a comprehensive plan.


In an active teaching environment, nursing provides ongoing psychoeducational programming tailored to the patient's individual needs.

Community Involvement

Nursing values the opportunities for community and professional involvement.