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Medical Intensive Care Unit - 6I

The Medical Intensive Care Unit provides comprehensive medical care to the most critically ill patients in 17 counties.

Patients often have multiple diagnoses that include but are not limited to: pneumonia, sepsis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, disturbances in cardiac rhythm, and multi-system organ failure. The MICU utilizes cutting edge technology in the areas of hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, and sepsis management.

Quality Care

Patients and families receive quality care through a collaborative approach from nurses, physicians, dietary, respiratory therapy, spiritual care, palliative care, social work, case management, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The complexity of care that is delivered by the nurses in the MICU requires staff to be self-motivated, able to think critically under pressure, and above all have the drive to give the best care possible.


The orientation process for new staff is based on a partnership model. Meetings occur with the preceptor, orientee, and unit leadership to ensure all needs are being met. Our goal is to provide a safe environment so that nurses may easily become skilled and absorb new information in an open and learner-friendly environment. Formal classroom training and bedside teaching is conducted by senior staff and unit leaders. Each orientation is individualized to meet the unique needs of the new staff nurse. The hospital supports and encourages the pursuit of certification from the AACN in Critical Care. In addition, the MICU management team strongly supports ongoing formal education through flexible scheduling, as well as mentoring nurses in their professional development.