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Emergency Nursing & Pediatric Emergency Nursing

Contact Information

Scott Jessie, MS, RN, CCNS, CCRN
Director of Nursing for Emergency Services
[email protected]

Susan Rainbow, BSN, RN
Patient Service Supervisor
[email protected]

Tracy Davis, RN
Patient Service Manager
[email protected]

Michelle Zoanetti, MSN, MBA, RN
Patient Service Supervisor
[email protected]


Upstate University Hospital emergency nurses provide a highly specialized level of care. They are members of the only emergency department in the area that specializes in trauma emergency care and is a New York State Designated Stroke Center.

Our goal is to enable nurses to dedicate their care specifically to the patient population they are trained to serve. Working closely with the other team members, our nursing professionals define, promote and provide the highest standards in emergency care. Nursing at Upstate University Hospital's Emergency Department means challenge, innovation, reward and satisfaction.

Adapting quickly to the rapid changes in acuity level and influx volume, our nurses pride themselves in their ability to maintain high levels of compassion, perform in-depth assessments and provide education to patients and families. Patient advocacy is a high priority while collaboration between physician and nurse provide the ultimate benefit to the patient during a health care crisis.

Educational Opportunities Abound

Emergency nursing is an art which demands an individual capable of accepting intense challenges while maintaining a high level of energy and control. Training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and TNCC is available. Our nurses enjoy encouragement and cost reimbursement for other certifications which enhance their skill level (CEN, ENPC, etc.). Because University Hospital is a teaching hospital, nurses enjoy an educational atmosphere in which the learning process is promoted while they maintain an integral teaching role among a multidisciplinary team. Nursing Councils involving research, professional development, nursing practice and many other areas of interest provide each individual with the opportunity to actively participate in promoting continual improvement in patient care.

As the region's only Level-One Trauma Center, Upstate University Hospital is a fast-paced facility with modern technology and up-to-date interventions in caring for the critically ill or injured. Serving 17 counties, we support a population transported by ground or air from the central New York region. While servicing a large community of patients managed by transplant, renal, cardiology and oncology teams, our emergency department is well supported by the inpatient specialty units that focus on the special needs of these individuals. At the same time, our trauma, burn, neurosurgery and orthopedic specialties are widely recognized and respected in the medical community.

One Decision Can Make the Difference

As we work to stay abreast of our community's needs, our Emergency Department is in the exciting position of expanding our services. We invite you to come grow with us, and in return we pledge to dedicate ourselves to your success as a team member.

Pediatric Nursing at Upstate University Hospital is:

  • Rewarding—children respond to kindness and parents respond to the support and knowledge we offer.
  • Holistic—truly family-oriented with the child as the pivotal consideration.
  • Challenging—expert skills are needed to carry out fast, accurate assessments in a population that often cannot articulate their needs.
  • Fun—the atmosphere and environment is designed to help children relax and feel safe.
  • Supportive—we respond to the needs of pediatric care providers throughout all of central New York.
  • Compassionate—we go to great lengths to ensure comfort, support, pain relief, and empathy for our children and families.

Pediatric Emergency Nurses Impact:

  • Communication—we speak a child's language yet relate to adults for assessments, teaching, and referrals.
  • Prevention—we provide necessary knowledge to allow parents/caretakers to successfully impact their child's health outcomes.
  • Experiences—we ensure each child's ED experience is as positive as possible to prevent fear development.
  • Teaching—we spend time ensuring that parents/caretakers understand exactly what is wrong with their child and what they must do to ensure an optimal outcome.

If You Are a Registered Nurse Who Loves...

  • Children
  • Challenge
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Having Fun

And if you are a registered nurse who desires and aspires, join our team! Central New York's only dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department offering a unique pediatric emergency nursing specialty. Offering educational/certification opportunities for ACLS, PALS, ENPC, PEPP, APLS and more! University Hospital's Pediatric Emergency Department needs you!