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Nursing Work Environment & Staffing Systems Council







The Council's purpose is to ensure consistent practices throughout the Nursing Department related to scheduling, staffing, productivity, and to assist in fostering a healthy work environment related to nursing retention.

Staffing Review Request

You may request a staffing review here.  Staffing reviews are conducted by the Nursing Work Environment & Staffing Systems Council.  This group will review your particular staffing experience and provide feedback after the Council meeting.

Staffing Review Request Process

You may request a staffing review or provide staffing suggestions by clicking the link below:

Request for a Staffing Review


Shared Scheduling

Shared scheduling is meant to help establish a healthy work environment by giving staff the autonomy to collaborate with coworkers in order to create a schedule designed to meet the operational needs of their unit while maximizing the quality of their home lives.  You may request shared scheduling for your unit by emailing staffsys@upstate.edu.


Shared Scheduling Requests/Questions and Process


Staff Shared Scheduling Guidelines

 Google Docs Staff Instructions

Google Docs Manager Instructions



CSEA Tuition Benefits