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Upstate Nursing Quality Improvement

As part of Nursing’s continued commitment to keeping our patients the central focus of our daily work lives, we are vigorously involved in quality improvement initiatives that measure and improve the outcomes of those we care for.

It is our goal within the Nursing Department to provide the best quality care possible. We are always seeking out opportunities to improve upon what we do. We believe there is always something we can do better!!

We have found that the use of a consistent method in our process of addressing and communicating improvement projects, will allow the greatest sharing of our knowledge and enhancement of patient care across the department. We also recommend and encourage the use of the standardized PDSA forms and tools to assist in our communication of our high quality standards.   

Our improvement methods are based on the Institute for Health Care Improvements (IHI) Model for testing changes and driving improvement. The Model for Improvement with Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) provides the foundation for supporting consistency and accelerating improvement initiatives and is currently in practice across hundreds of hospitals throughout the world!

Improvement projects may be presented on the first Wednesday of the month throughout various shared governance day councils. Front line nurses are encouraged to show case their amazing quality improvement efforts so it can spread and enhance quality improvement across different locations. All are welcome to attend and be a part of this experience!!