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Clinical Advancement Program - CAP


The Clinical Advancement Program (CAP) recognizes and rewards professionals within Upstate’s Department of Nursing for enhanced clinical and professional practice that aids in achieving optimal patient, unit/department, and organizational outcomes.


The clinical advancement program (CAP) recognizes healthcare professionals, within the nursing department, for demonstrating increased levels of contribution to patient outcomes and unit/department goals. It is a dynamic system program responsive to the changes in the health care delivery system and the nursing profession. CAP is based on the AACN Synergy Model and our Upstate Patient and Family Centered Care Delivery Model. It was developed by the professional development system council and approved by nursing executive cabinet, nursing manager cabinet, and clinical trainer group.

Applications to the program, and movement through the program, will be managed by the professional development system council of our nursing shared governance.

For more information about CAP, click on 'Program Overview' .


State-employed nurses, advanced practice registered nurses or physician assistants who spend the majority (≥51%) of his or her time providing direct patient care

“Direct patient care responsibilities are defined as patient centered activities by unit based staff in the presence of the patient and activities that occur away from the patient that are patient related.”


CAP is a voluntary program and eligible staff need to apply for entrance into the program.

To apply into the program the following are required:

  • Application Checklist (signed by Manager/Supervisor)
  • Professional Resume or CV
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Narrative (see Program Overview for more details)
  • Supporting Documentation

Completed applications can be sent via interoffice mail to:

Attn: CAP
750 E. Adams St.
UH Room 1212
Syracuse, NY 13210

Once initial application received an interview will be arranged. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance into the program via a mailed letter and a copy is sent to their manager and personnel file in human resources.

Application Cycle

Application into the program is based on the applicants satisfactory 6-month or annual performance review. See below for the application cycle to best submit an application.

(Cycle chart is under construction)


The Nursing Department is pleased to recognize its Clinical Advancement Program designated professionals. They are awarded a CAP badge extender and have an annual allowance to be used towards professional development activities including attending conferences, attending classes, buying books and more. Previous year designated CAP professionals are invited to attend an annual recognition breakfast in May.