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Clinical Staffing Committee

The committee consists of 16 members - 8 frontline staff (50%) and 8 administrative staff (up to 50%).  The committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the annual clinical staffing plan,  a semiannual review of the staffing plan, and review, assessment, and response to any complaints regarding potential violations of the adopted staffing plan.

Staffing Laws and Regulations

The committee was created as required by Chapter 155 of the Laws of 2021.

Clinical Staffing Law 2021

Critical Care and Special Services Regulations

Staffing plans

Current staffing plans are required to be posted in a publicly conspicuous area on each patient care unit.   Actual staffing for each shift for each unit can be found in Optilink or on the Self-Serve assignment sheet.  

Guidance for posting the Staffing Plan

Workload Planner for each unit

Actual Staffing Template for each unit

DOH Staffing Plans

Current staffing plans for every facility in New York State are required to be submitted to the Department of Health annually and updated with any changes.  Staffing plans for other facilities in New York State can be found below:

Other Facility Staffing Plans

Staffing Review Request

You may request a staffing review here.  Staffing reviews are conducted by the Clinical Staffing Committee.    This group meets monthly will review your particular staffing experience and provide feedback after the meeting.

Staffing Review Request Process