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Labor Pool Frequently Asked Questions

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Arriving on a Unit

When an employee arrives to a a unit that is not their home unit, the employee should first see the Charge Nurse. Each unit has a welcome letter, this includes helpful information such as keypad codes for secure areas and how to contact the nurse manager.  Please ask for the welcome letter if it is not offered.

Clothing - General (What to Wear)

  • Wear scrubs, if you have them, or you can get scrubs from the hospital to wear for your shift.
    • If you are utilizing hospital scrubs, upon reporting to the assigned unit, ask for the nearest scrubs supply to borrow from.
  • Otherwise, comfortable clothes, something that can be easily washed upon returning home.
  • Sneakers/comfortable shoes.
  • Runner buttons are available to be worn, these can be obtained at the unit you are assigned to and should be cleaned/disinfected prior to and after each use. The buttons are to remain on the units.

EPIC Access

Who handles getting EPIC access for those that have been deployed to another unit and do not currently have access?
  • Upon assignment through Labor Pool, the nurses name is shared with the EPIC team.  The EPIC Inpatient Nursing Trainer will send an email with information to guide nurses to complete the necessary Blackboard course: EPICIPNCAMBCOVID (BB Course 100)
  • Nurses are provided with tip sheets, login information to Epic PLY, exercises to practice documentation workflows and at the end there is an attestation statement.  Completion of the course is not required to gain Epic access but strongly encouraged.
  • EPIC use will be further guided by more experienced nurses during the reassignment.

Face Mask Fit Testing

Any questions related to face mask fit testing should be direct to Employee/Student Health Services. Upstate University Hospital: 315-464-4260, Upstate Community Hospital: 315-492-5624, Website: https://www.upstate.edu/health/


Should we only be entering staff in Kronos once we receive an email as to where they are assigned?
  • You would enter them for the 1st shift and then the receiving managers would put them in. If you need assistance with this, contact the Nursing Business Operations (NBO) at 315-464-4420 or via email at: ⦁ nbo_admin@upstate.edu

Labor Pool

To contact Labor Pool: Using Vocera, request ‘Labor Pool Coordinator’ or call 315-464-1400 and ask for Labor Pool Coordinator.

Labor Pool: Sick Call-In Process

Staff involved in Labor Pool (Incident Command) jobs should follow the Staffing Office Call-in Process which is calling the Call-in Line at 315-464-9411.


Staff working Labor Pool may park in the visitor's garage at University Hospital (Garage East) or the garage at Community Hospital.

When leaving the garage, let attendant know you were staffing Labor Pool, you must provide the attendant with your physical ID for verification.


All roles currently require ear loop masks per standard hospital operations. Should additional PPE be required (e.g. goggles) it will be provided.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The vaccine when taken as directed is very effective in limiting disease spread and is strongly supported. If you have not been vaccinated yet, and are interested, follow directions in the email invitation and reach out to your manager with questions.


Vocera use is different depending upon the role. Please check role descriptions for further information.
  • COVID Unit Clerk Assist: Vocera access not required; Bring if you have.
  • COVID Unit Support Runner: Vocera and instructions will be provided on the unit; Bring if you have.
  • PPE Safety Coach: Vocera required. Please see role instructions on using your own or getting access for the shift.