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Structural Empowerment

How nursing practice is supported

What does it mean?

Magnet designated organizations support professional collaboration and the promotion of role development, academic achievement, and career advancement.

Why is it important?

Magnet nurses support organizational goals, advance the nursing profession, and enhance professional development by extending their influence to professional and community groups.

How to get involved:

  • Include clinical nurses and nurse leaders in organizational committees
  • Join a professional organization
  • Achieve specialty certification
  • Celebrate colleagues who achieved specialty certification
  • Obtain advanced education
  • Support the Nurse Residency Program as an advisor, facilitator, or educator
  • Welcome new staff to the organization
  • Voluteer to promote the health of our community
  • Provide culturally and socially sensitive care
  • Recognize nurses for contributing to organizational goals
  • Celebrate and encourage interprofessional collaboration

Examples at Upstate:

How nursing practice and clinical decision making is supported

  • Nursing staff is supported by Nurse Managers, Directors and CNO to make decisions in their clinical practice
  • Nursing Resource Center is available to nursing staff and is supported by hospital leadership. Nursing Resource Center

Nursing Research Empowerment

  • Upstate Nursing goal is to have Nurses seek answers to clinical questions when evidence is not available to inform practice. Nurse-initiated research is what we strive for at Upstate.

Shared Governance Model

  • Nursing Voice in decisions regarding practice and quality of work life
  • A collaborative decision making process in which nursing staff participate with the utmost integrity in decisions that affect the clinical practice of nursing, standards of practice and patient care.
  • Shared Governance Day Monthly
  • Professional practice time
  • Clinical Nurses appointed to Organizational Committees and Task Forces

Policy and Procedures on line for easy access

Support for Patient Education

Community Outreach

Organizational structure provides access to all levels of leadership

  • Unit Management and Senior Leadership access
  • Leader rounding
  • Ask CNO, CEO access on website
  • CNO Vlog
  • Open Forums

Professional Advancement and Development/environment that recognizes and rewards competence

  • Clinical Advancement Program
  • Tuition Support to attain Nursing Degrees
  • Support for Board Certification in Nursing Specialty
  • Daisy Recognition Program
  • Nurse Residency Program
  • Organized Orientation Program and Preceptor program to onboard Registered Nurses and Clinical Practice Nurse Consultants