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Exemplary Professional Practice

How we ensure excellence….


Examples at Upstate:

 Upstate Nursing Professional Practice Model



  • Developed by clinical nurses as Upstate Nursing framework for practice
  • Patient Care Delivery Model that is patient and family focused

Interdisciplinary teamwork that supports patient- and family-centered care

  • Collaborative clinician-physician and interdisciplinary relationships

Nurses experience autonomy and control over practice/ Autonomous nursing practice encouraged

Access to internal and external experts

  • Staff Education and Support/OTD Education Initiatives/Clinical Nurse Consultants both campuses
  • Magnet Librarian
  • Access to NICHE program/On line Resources
  • Access to National, Regional and Local Conferences and Programs

Professional Development plan that includes self-reflection and evaluation in addition to peer review.

Nurses from all levels involved in staffing, scheduling and budget processes

  • Nurse Staffing Committee
  • Feedback and use of feedback on nurse Scheduling
  • Shared Scheduling process