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Exemplary Professional Practice

How we ensure excellence…

What does it mean?

Magnet organizations are grounded in culture of safety, quality monitoring, and quality improvement. Nurses collaborate with other disciplines to ensure that care is comprehensive, coordinated and monitored for effectiveness.

Why is it important?

Nurses in Magnet designated organizations provide effective and efficient care, engage in inter-professional collaboration and produce high quality patient outcomes.

How to get involved:

  • Provide care that aligns with our Professional Practice Model (PPM) and Care Delivery Model (CDM)
  • Include patients and/or their families in organization improvement projects
  • Include nurses in organizational quality improvement activities
  • Request peer feedback related to your professional practice
  • Ensure nurses are providing care within the full scope of their nursing practice
  • Include nurses in ethical and security issues
  • Share patient safety data
  • Involve nurses in improving nurse sensitive indicators

Examples at Upstate:

Logo for Patient & Family Centered CareUpstate Nursing Professional Practice Model

  • Developed by clinical nurses as Upstate Nursing framework for practice
  • Patient Care Delivery Model that is patient and family focused

Interdisciplinary teamwork that supports patient- and family-centered care

  • Collaborative clinician-physician and interdisciplinary relationships

Nurses experience autonomy and control over practice/ Autonomous nursing practice encouraged

Access to internal and external experts

  • Staff Education and Support/OTD Education Initiatives/Clinical Nurse Consultants both campuses
  • Magnet Librarian
  • Access to NICHE program/On line Resources
  • Access to National, Regional and Local Conferences and Programs

Professional Development plan that includes self-reflection and evaluation in addition to peer review.

Nurses from all levels involved in staffing, scheduling and budget processes

  • Nurse Staffing Committee
  • Feedback and use of feedback on nurse Scheduling
  • Shared Scheduling process