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RN Satisfaction

What is RN satisfaction Data?

Research states RN satisfaction leads to improved patient outcomes. Annually, Upstate Nursing, measures RN Satisfaction through National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) survey.  This nationally benchmarked survey looks into nine areas of RN satisfaction:

  • Staffing Resource and Adequacy
  • Manager Leadership
  • Foundation for Quality of Care
  • Professional Autonomy
  • Participation in Hospital Affairs
  • RN-RN interaction
  • Professional Development Opportunity
  • Professional Development Access
  • Inter-professional Roll-up

How are we using this information?

This information is used at all levels of the organization to develop plans to best care for our employees and patients. All survey responses are anonymous and participation is voluntary.  No one can see individual or specific responses, and, if the sample size is less than a designated number, then the results are not reported.

How to read the report?

Each report, looks at the nine areas of RN satisfaction and reports our RN results (blue bar). This information is then compared to other similar hospitals (yellow box).