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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the employee experience survey?

This is formally known as the NDNQI RN Satisfaction Survey. The Nursing Department has switched to a new survey tool, from Press Ganey. The survey is designed to assess the employee experience and provides deep insights into strengths and areas of opportunity to make the most significant impact on workforce culture, and ultimately the care delivered to patients.

Who will be invited to take the survey?

All NY State and RF employees reporting under nursing umbrella and employees within the ambulatory setting who report to nurse managers. This means that

  • Nursing Station Clerks
  • MOA
  • UST
  • HCT
  • LPN
  • RN (In any role: Clinical Nurse, Case Managers, Coordinators, Clinical Trainers, Clinical Leaders, Nurse Managers, Directors, CNO, etc.)
  • Social Workers
  • NPs
  • Pas
  • Surgical Techs./OR Techs.
  • Mental Health Techs.

What will be asked on the Employee Experience Survey?

The core survey asks questions pertaining to the ANCC Magnet engagement categories. These questions are assessing for:

  • Adequacy of Resources and Staffing
  • Autonomy
  • Fundamentals of Quality Care
  • Interprofessional Relationships
  • Employee to Employee Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Leadership Access and Responsiveness
  • Professional Development
  • Additionally, for this year’s survey, Upstate has added questions to assess resilience, diversity, well-being, recognition, safety/bullying/harassment.

How long will the survey take to complete?

There is a total of 53 questions being asked on this year’s survey. They are all on a rating scale. There are no open-ended questions this year. The survey should take you about 15 minutes to complete.

How can the employee ensure responses to questions are kept confidential?

There are few ways that the employee can trust that their responses are kept confidential:

  • This survey is being administered, coordinated, and managed by an external vendor, Press Ganey. No identifying information is ever shared with Upstate. Press Ganey only releases response rates by units (i.e. We report the expected # of staff per unit, and Press Ganey reports back to us we have received 25% or 75% of responses from that department). We have no way of knowing who completed the survey.
  • Press Ganey also has the “rule of five”: This means that if there are less than 5 responses for a unit or department then no unit or department report is generated. The data from that department is only included in the organizational overview reports.

How do I access the survey?

The survey opens this October 10th and will be available until October 31st. Those that are eligible for the survey will receive a link to complete the survey via your Upstate email.

What happens with the results after the survey?

Employees can expect various actions to happen with the responses and results.

  • Press Ganey uses the responses from our Upstate employees and provides a benchmark. Benchmarking is the measuring of Upstate results against similar organizations and unit/departments.
  • The data is shared with departments, leaders, and the programs that impact nursing practice.
  • The results and benchmark data allow Upstate to celebrate the areas in which we excel and allows teams to identify areas in which to focus to improve the employee experience. Action plans will be developed at all levels. Over time as we continue to use the Press Ganey Survey tool, we will be able to assess the impact of those action plans.
  • The data is reported to the ANCC Magnet Senior Program Analyst for interim monitoring of employee engagement.

What actions have been put in place since the last employee survey?

Based on feedback from staff who took the previous survey (NDNQI) in 2020 the following has occurred as a result of the survey and current events:

  • Advocacy by leadership for increased compensation.
  • Bed adjustments to maintain safe patient ratios.
  • Secured PPE for safe work environment during supply chain emergencies.
  • Implementation of innovative technology and software to ensure patient access to care and communication (Telehealth, Ipad, etc.).
  • Development of unique positions (RN Helper, Runner) to aid in the delivery of care.
  • Advocacy and support in vaccine research and administration to employees.
  • Continuation of professional development programs (Tuition Assistance, Certification Program, Clinical Advancement Program, etc.).
  • Implementation of a NEW survey tool that allows more employees within the Nursing department to be eligible to complete the survey.
  • Magnet Designation Achievement!