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BEE Award

Bee Award

Upstate University BEE Award Criteria

The Bee Award was created by our DAISY Garden Growers committee (a subgroup of the professional development system council) to compliment the DAISY Award.  This award recognizes the extraordinary work of our unlicensed nursing support staff. The Bee award was created because just as in nature bees are loyal, hardworking and cannot exist without the daisy, as neither can the daisy exist without the bee!

WHO qualifies to be nominated for this award?

HCTs, UST, MOA, Nursing station Clerk (NSC), Specialty technicians (i.e. OR tech, mental health tech, etc.), administrative assistants. Patients/family or fellow staff can nominate a person for a BEE Award.

HOW often will BEE Awards be selected?

Nominations will be gathered every month and recipients selected on a quarterly basis. Announcement will be made in the months of January, April, July, and October.

What is the scoring criteria that they will be selected?

BEE nomination stories will be scored upon 4 criteria set forth by the DAISY Garden Growers committee.

  • Positive attitude that inspires others
  • Promotes teamwork among staff
  • Creates caring connections with patients
  • Always a hard worker

The nomination stories will be scored upon the criteria listed above, and for each criteria the nomination story meets the nominee will receive 1 point. If the nomination story was submitted by a patient or patient family the nominee will also receive 1 point. Then the scorers will rate their emotional response to the story on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the most touching/emotional story). If the story rates above a score of a 5 then the nominee has been selected for a BEE award for that quarter. There are no limits to the number of BEE awards awarded in each quarter.

How do we celebrate our BEE Award recipients?

Those that have been selected as a BEE recipient will be presented with a BEE pin on their unit by their nurse manager and the DAISY Coordinator at the end of each quarter. All BEE Award recipients will be formally recognized and receive their award package at our annual Nurse Excellence Celebration (which historically is scheduled in the fall). All BEE Awardees will be reminded about attending the celebration approximately two months prior to the event.