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Upstate In The News: Margaret Formica, Matthew Glidden, Roger Wong, Lumpi the therapy dog

Featured coverage

Margaret Formica was interviewed by CNY Central on her study about how to address gun violence education in schools of public health.

Matthew Glidden's appointment as chief quality officer was noted in Syracuse.com

The retirement of Lumpi, one of Upstate's beloved therapy dog, was featured on Spectrum News, CNY Central and NewsChannel 9.

Roger Wong was interviewed by CNY Central for his study on the link between insomnia and heart disease.

Mantosh Dewan is quoted in In Good Health story on Upstate Medical to offer doctor of optometry program in partnership with SUNY Optometry


Previous Coverage

Hani Aiash was interviewed by CNN and other media outlets about his study on the link between insomnia and heart attack.

Sarah Mahonski was quoted in an article on syracuse.com about the fatal overdoses at an apartment complex in the city.

Michelle Calivia was interviewed by WRVO for a story on the rise in accidental cannabis poisonings.

Jana Shaw was interviewed by CNY Central for a story on RSV vaccine progress,

Robert Corona and Gregory Eastwood were guests on WCNY's Cycle of Health program exploring "Managing a Hospital."

SUNY Upstate/SUNY Optometry partnership was featured in Vision Monday, CNY Business Journal, WAER

Rachel Fabi was interview by palabra, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, for a story on access to maternal health care

Scott Jessie is quoted in the Becker's Health Review story "' From game-changer' to 'we all lost': 9 nurse leaders weigh in on virtual nursing."

David Lubin's trip to Ulraine with a portable ultrasound machine to support medics in that country was featured on CNY Central.

CNY Central story: Mother gives kudos to Upstate Golisano staff for care her daughter received.

USA Today: Susan Stred is quote in the story Fact check: Harvard course teaches infant sex development, not gender identity.

NewsNationLive: Stephen Thomas discussed the FDA's plan to simplify the covid vaccine process.

WAER FM88: Syracuse-area twins first to test promision RSV prevention tool ( Joseph Domachowske).

NewsChannel 9: $1.1 million federal grant will help SUNY Upstate create region’s first Suicide Prevention Center (Robert Gregory).

CNY Central: Upstate student presents research on medical equity and justice on MLK Day (Margarita Vazquez Almonte).

CNY Central: CNY company uses saliva test to diagnose concussion in only 6 to 8 hours (Quadrant Biosciences).

The Sun: Community rallies around ‘Courageous Cali’ (Story about Dannemora child suffering from Powassan virus,  a rare tick-borne disease, mentions free tick testing at Upstate.)

CNY Central: Upstate’s Mammography Van offering breast screenings at Driver’s Village

Times Union Q&A: John King gets a sequel at SUNY (In his discussion on research, he highlights Binghamton’s battery research and Upstate’s Covid saliva test as SUNY research solving the problems of the country.)

Beckers Healthcare: A SC market could still see growth despite ongoing staffing issues (Sri Narsipur).

Daily Sentinel: SNAPSHOT: Work continues on Upstate Cancer Center

In Good Health: A boost to regional ambulance companies (Foundation grants to EMS providers).

NewsChannel 9: Upstate to build Lyme treatment center (Kristopher Paolino).

UrbanCNY: Winter warmth for city school kids, thanks to Upstate

CNYCentral: Golisano After hours care returns to normal after after decline in RSV

NewsChannel 9 Live: Stephen Thomas discusses new Covid variant and how to take precautions.

CNY Business Journal: Upstate to launch Lyme and tick-borne disease treatment center (Kristopher Paolino).

WAER: Upstate hopes to expand locking vials program to combat accidental overdoses (Jeanna Marraffa).

NewsChannel 9: What happens in the body during cardiac arrest (Dana Aiello).

Spectrum News: New year, new county health commissioner (Katherine Anderson).

Health Day News: As popularity of weed edibles rises, so do accidental poisonings in kids (Vincent Calleo).

WRVO: CPR training encouraged after player's cardiac arrest (Douglas Sandbrook)

WRVO: Parents face medicine shortage as viruses surge (Steven Blatt).

NewsChannel 9: Paige's Butterfly Run donates money to help children with cancer and their families. (Melanie Comito)

NewsChannel 9: Local dance studio gives back to Golisano Children's Hospital.

CNY Central: Paige's Butterfly Run donates $230,000 to Upstate Foundation for pediatric cancer research

Spectrum News: Unlocking a cure: How Carol Baldwin fund helped Upstate doctor may major discovery . (Leszek Kotula)

Rome Sentinel: Local artists grace Nappi Wellness Institute (Matthew Capogreco).

CNY Business Journal: Upstate Medical outpatient pharmacy to offer locking prescription bottles. (Eric Balotin).

NewsChannel 9: Upstate Medical surgeon reflects on mission to Ukraine (Sherard Tatum).

CNYCentral: Upstate to start offering local pill bottles (Eric Balotin).

WRVO: New RX program features locked pill boxes (Eric Balotin).

Syracuse.com: SUNY Upstate takes back Syracuse land 10 years after failed deal with Cor development.

Syracuse.com: Onondaga County's health commissioner on 'Novids' and what Covid-19 taught us (Kathryn Andersen).

WTXL-TV and various other media: Stephen Faraone is quoted in the story New Guidelines to be released to diagnose, treat ADHD in adults.

International Business Journal: Case of a type of stroke are increasing; Black people more susceptiple (Fadar Oliver Otite).

WWTI: Stephen Feikes was interviewed for a story on the need for more respirator therapists, especially during these times of great respiratory illness.

Michele Caliva addresses the expanded hours of the Public Health Hotline.

CNY Central: Steven Blatt discuss the increase in flu and RSV in children and how to seek medical advice.

S yracuse.com: S yracuse doctor goes to Ukraine to rebuild faces marred by war ( Sherard Tatum).

Syracuse.com: As RSV surgers Syracuse hospital opens pediatric ward to handle kids with virus ( Gregory Conners).

CNY Central: Sen. Schumer address rising concern, hospital strain of RSV (Jana Shaw).

CNY Business Journal: Schumer calls for federal support to handle RSV cases ( Mantosh Dewan).

WRVO: Gregory Conners discussed the rise in RSV cases among kids and its impact on the children's hospital.

NewsChannel 9: Danielle Bright of the Upstate Foundation appeared on Bridge Street to discuss the mission of the Upstate Foundation.

Syracuse.com: Gregory Conners discussed the surge in cases at the children's hospital due to RSV.

CNYCentral.com: Gregory Conners and Jana Shaw discussed the latest surge in pediatric patients due to RSV

CNYCentral.com: Robert Gregory was interviewed for a special report on mental health and children, where he discussed his Psychiatry High Risk Program.

CNYCentral.com: Christopher Lucas was interviewed for a special report on mental health and children, discussing the difficulties in getting children the care when they need it.

Palladium-Times: Menter Ambulance awarded Upstate Unversity Hospital Critical Care Transport Grant.

NewsChannel 9: Ross Sullivan was interviewed of a report on more than a dozen overdoses in Onondaga County in 24 hours.

WAER FM 88: Leszek Kotula was interviewed for the report New Upstate Medical Research could help detect spread of breast cancer.

Syracuse.com: Jana Shaw was quoted in the article Syracuse children's hospital sees surger of kids seriously ill with RSV

Watertown Daily Times: JCC, Upstate Medical make transferring easier under new articulation agreement.

WRVO: Tech Bytes: Upstate Medical Hospital Robots (Steve Roberts).

Syracuse.com: Former NY Gov. David Paterson to speak at vision research symposium in Syracuse.

CNBC: The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' funded a new ALS drug, but experts have varying opinions about its approval ( Eursofina Young).

In Good Health: Upstate New York Poison Center: 65 years helping keep people safe ( Michele Caliva).

In Good Health: Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital joins premier network for autism ( Henry Roane).

In Good Health: Perfusionist:  Little-known career with an average salary of $92,987 ( Bruce Searles).

WRVO: Rising Covid rates and flu season could lead to twindemic ( Stephen Thomas).

Rome Sentinel: What to know about prophylacitc mastectomy ( Lisa Lai).

Atlanta-Journal Constitution: Children's hospitals elsewhere expanding mental health care (Article mentions Upstate's plans to open an 18-bed psychiatry unit).

NewsChannel 9: Global Health Director: CNY could have best fall/winter in two years if people get latest booster (Stephen Thomas).

Robert Gregory and Seetha Ramanathan are guests on WCNY's Cycle Health to discuss suicide prevention.

CNY Central: Upstate suicide prevention program saving lives in CNY ( Robert Gregory)

CNY Business Journal: Upstate's Covid hotline renamed, handling questions on additonal health matters. ( Joey Angelina, Michele Caliva).

WRVO: Upstate's Covid-19 hotline changes name to reflect changes in public health ( Michele Caliva).

Syracuse.com: Crouse board chair: Merger with Upstate is in CNY's best interest ( Pat Mannion).

NewsChannel 9: Stephen Thomas joins NewsChannel 9 at the NYS Fair to update views on Lyme disease, Covid and other prominent fall illnesses.

Syracuse.com: Letter to the editor Upstate's track record bodes well for merger with Crouse (John Murad).

Syracuse.com: Letter to the edtior Upstate-Crouse merger will improve healthcare, efficiency and access ( Robert Dracker).

CNYCentral.com: How to keep your kids healthy going back to school (Jana Shaw).

CNY Business Journal: Upstate neuroscientists use grant to study brain protein ( Julio Licinio, Ma-Li Wong).

Syracuse.com: Upstate Poison Center alarmed by surge in cases of kids eating candy-like marijuana. (Vince Calleo)

NewsChannel 9: Community weighs in at first public forum on Upstate Crouse merger.

CNYCentral: Upstate-Crouse acquisition: why the secrecy and what does the future hold for employees.

Spectrum News: Upstate Crouse merger discussed at forum.

Syracuse.com: Public weighs in on Upstate-Crouse merger with mix of praise, skepticism at forum

Syracuse.com: Exclusive: Upstate, Crouse hospital officials reveal financial details of proposed merger

WRVO: Upstate, Crouse Hospital officials hold public hearing to discuss potential merger

WAER: Takeaways from the first Upstate-Crouse merger community forum

Syracuse.com: After 30 years of talking, it's time for Crouse and Upstate to merge. Guest opinion, Tom Quinn

CNY Central: Gennady Bratslavsky is quoted in a story about the the rise in vasectomy referrals  locally following the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision.

Syracuse.com: Kyiv to Syracuse: How a web of connections by strangers brought Ukrainian cancer patient to Upstate.

Spectrum News: Family touched by suicide aims to prevent future tragedies. S tory mentions Zach  Helfrich Memorial Fund to benefit Upstate's Psychiatry High Risk Program.

New York Times: Sharon Brangman is quoted in the story How can older adults stay safe during a heat wave?

NewsChannel 9: Katherine Beissner was interviewed the story Upstate gives Syracuse students a 'jumpstart' in healthcare.

WAER: David Geloso and Eric Balotin were interviewed about the new Dispensary of Hope program

NewsChannel 9: Wendy Hunt provides a tour and insight into Upstate's Mammography Van with a patient whose breast cancer was detected by scan on the van.

NewsChannel 9: David Geloso and Eric Balotin discuss the new Dispensary of Hope program offering free medications to some area residents

Syracuse.com: Syracuse hospital to give free prescriptions to uninsured Onondaga County residents

UrbanCNY: New drug dispensary at Upstate brings hope to uninsured and indigent.

Forbes: Upstate's Accelerated Scholars Program was featured as one of Forbes top five direct medical school programs. Read here

Saravanan Thangamani is featured in this New York Times article headlined Tick Hunting: The Prey are Tiny and the Bait Is Human.

Christopher Morley is quoted in a Syracuse.com article about the departure of Onondaga County Health Commissioner Gupta.

Winter Berry and Jayne Charlamb are quoted in the Syracuse.com article about the baby formula shortage.

CNY Business Journal: Upstate University using robots for everthing from meals to medicines.

WAER: A fleet of transport robots arrive at Upstate Medical University.

WRVO: Delivery robots now in use at Upstate Medical University.

Syracuse.com: T housands remember Carol Baldwin's life and her crusade against breast cancer.

CNYCentral: Carol Baldwin, breast cancer researcher and mother to famous sons, has died.

Patricia Numann remembers Carol Baldwin in this interview  by Spectrum News.

Leszek Kotula, Patrician Numann remember Carol Baldwin in this story from NewsChannel 9.

Saravanan Thangamani discussed on Katcast podcast his investigation into six ticks sent to his lab from the Catskills. Listen here: https://www.kaatscast.com/six-ticks-in-the-lyme-light/.

Jayne Charlamb speaks with about the baby formula shortage with the New York Post and CNY Central.

Joe Domachowske was live on NewsChannel 9 talking about covid vaccines.

Upstate is mentioned in this Syracuse.com article: CNY's Carol Baldwin philantrhopist and matriach of Baldwin family dies at 92.

Graham Gould was a guest on NewsChannel 9's Bridge Street, discussing stroke awareness and stroke symptoms for Stroke Awareness Month

Nakeia Chambers is author of a commentary at Syracuse.com "Boosting diversity in medicine also improves health outcomes."

Syd Johnson is one of the experts featured in Gizmodo.com's column on dangerous emerging technologies.

Chris Lucas and Robert Gregory are quoted in the Syracuse.com story "A crisis leaves mentally children on their own."

Winter Berry was interviewed for the story "How to handle the baby formular shortage" on WRVO.

CNY Business Journal: Upstate graduates 474 at Commencement

Syracuse.comUpstate Medical University awards 474 degrees at Commenement

NewsChannel 9: Upstate Medical University commencement graduates more than 450.

In Good Health: Upstate tick expert predicts 'huge' season for ticks.

NewsChannel 9's Bridge Street: The importance of organ donation during Donate Life Month (David Landsberg)

CNY Business Journal: Upstate Medical to provide GEO pay raises for nurses

Syracuse.com: Upstate Medical gives nurses another pay raise in bid to fill hundreds of vacant jobs (Robert Corona)

CNY Central: Health experts suggest relying less on at-home Covid test, expanding PCR test availability (Chris Morley, Frank Middleton).

Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 cases are growing quickly in Upstate New York (Frank Middleton, Stephen Thomas).

Post-Register: Vaccine  medical exemptions are rare. Thousands of nursing home workers have them (Jana Shaw).

CNY Central: Health expert urges mask wearing (Christoper Morley).

NewsChannel 9: Stephen Thomas is interviewed on rise in Covid case s.

Syracuse.com: Two 'scary' diseases are increasingly found in the most common tick in Upstate NY (Saravanan Thangamani)

News coverage of the Upstate/Crouse announcement:

CNY Central


CNY Business Journal

NewsChannel 9

Becker's Hospital Review

Daily Orange



CNYCentral: Upstate professor on Covid pill: 'Vaccination is the best way to stay out of hospital.' (Chris Morley)

Spectrum News: Upstate Medical program offers primary physicians training in mental health care (Nevena Radonjic)

WRVO: CNY sees spike in viruses after mask mandate ends (Jana Shaw).

Syracuse.com: Finally, a partial answer to CNY's soaring Covid rates (Frank Middleton).

Syracuse.com: Far fewer died of Covid in March in Ononaga County, but troubling trends emerged (Stephen Thomas).

NewsChannel 9: Extraordinary People profiles Dr Randy Green .

NewsChannel 9: Upstate Cancer Center opens enw facility at Upstate Community Hospital.

Oswego County Today: Upstate students hold suturing clinic for CiTi students.

CNY Business Journal: Upstate to use nearly $800K grant for schizophrenia research.

Daily Star/Cortland Standard: Expert worries ticks could post major problem this year (Saravanan Thangamani).

WRVO/WSKG: Expect another bad tick season this year (Saravanan Thangamani).

Syracuse.com: How dominant is the latest omicron variant in Onondaga County (Frank Middleton).

Adirondack Daily Express: Tick, tick, tick: Experts worry tick problems could explode this year (Saravanan Thangamani).

Post-Journal: Doctor: Cannabis is edibles a poison hazard for children (Michael Hodgman).

KRFO RADIO: 2022 is the year of severe ticks in Minnesota (Saravanan Thangmani).

Syracuse.com: State now closely monitoring CNY's Covid case surge (Frank Middleton).


Previous coverage

Syracuse.com: National suicide hotline gets new number; call center scrambles to prepare (Robert Gregory).

CNY Business Journal: Upstate Medical students get residency assignments during annual match day.

Spectrum News: Match Day: Upstate Medical students handed their future in an envelope

Syracuse.com: Covid-19 cases are spiking in Central New York like nowhere else in the state (Stephen Thomas).

NewsChannel 9: Stephen Thomas looks back on two years of pandemic

CNYCentral: CNY positivity rate three tmes higher than state average, leaders not concerned (Stephen Thomas).

WRVO: SUNY Upstate supporters rally for more state funding.

NewsChannel 9: Union representing some Upstate workers wants to funding in state budget

Bridge Street:  Anrtonio Culebras speaks about World Sleep Day

Urology Times: Gennady Bratslavsky discusses emerging research in renal cell carcinoma

CNYCentral: Covid rates stable, seasonal illnesses returning following unmasking in schools (Jana Shaw)


Previous Coverage

Syracuse.com: Dave Amberg on leadership: Be the servant leader who helps your team succeed: https://www.syracuse.com/news/2022/02/dave-amberg-on-leadership-be-the-servant-leader-who-helps-your-team-succeed.html

Syracuse.com: Upstate researchers' discovery could revolutionize diagnosis, treatment of breast cancer (Leszek Kotula).

Syracuse.com: 'It takes a team' Syracuse Crunch, Upstate Medical receive $100,000 grant to encourage vaccination.

Urban CNY: Upstate Golisano, Early Childhood Alliance partner for pediatric learning community (Steven Blatt)

NewsChannel 9: Pediatric infectious disease expert weighs in no DOH report on vaccine efficacy for kids (Joseph Domachowske)

Syracuse.com: CNY woman’s life-saving insulin costs $500 a month. ‘Do you have enough to pay for it?

News Channel 9: In Syracuse, Schumer commits to capping insulin costs:

CNYCentral: Schumer pushes bill to cap insulin costs

WRVO: Schumer pushing legislation that would cap insulin costs for diabetics

Daily Orange: Chuck Schumer calls for reduced insulin price

Previous coverage

Listen to Upstate President Mantosh Dewan, MD, introduce NY Gov. Hochul at her Covid briefing Jan. 25. held at the  NY State Fairgrounds.

NewsChannel 9: Upstate University Hospital offers vaccine to homeless, homebound, high-risk (Sunny Aslam).

NewsChannel 9: Jana Shaw appeared on Bridge Street this week to talk about the importance of Covid vaccines for children and how children with Covid are faring.

Rome Sentinel: Upstate New York Poison Center marks milestone.

Yahoo News: Experts are ringing alarms about Elon Musk's brain implants (L. Syd Johnson)

NewsChannel 9: S tephen Thomas speaks with NewsChannel 9 on the omicron variant and Covid county milestones.

Syracuse.com: Covid soars among CNY nursing home workers; many have not received booster shots (Sharon Brangman).

NewsChannel 9: Interview with Upstate’s Stephen Thomas, director of Upstate Global Health Institute

CNY Business Journal:  New NDMS arrives at Upstate to help in Emergency Department

CNY Central: New federal medical disaster team arrives at Upstate, original team departs

Syracuse.com: Feds sending another disaster medical team to help short-staffed Syracuse hospital:

Medical News Today: Pig heart transplant saves heart disease patient (L. Syd Johnson)

CNYCentral: Number of kids hospitalized with Covid is very high for Syracuse, Golisano doctor says (Joe Domachowske).

NewsChannel 9: Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital physician discusses Covid cases in children under 11 (Joe Domachowkse).

CNY Central: Syracuse health expert doesn't see CNY COVID-19 peaking anytime soon (Stephen Thomas)

WRVO: Federal team helping Syracuse hospital fight omicron surge (William Paolo)

WAER: Medical Workers Arrive In Syracuse To Assist Upstate University Hospital (Willian Paolo).

CNY Central: National Guard medical team makes progress lowering ER wait times at Upstate Hospital: (William Paolo).

Spectrum News:Help arrives at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse: (William Paolo)

NewsChannel 9: National Medical Disaster Assistance Team assists Upstate in emergency department  (Wiliam Paolo).

Syracuse.com: Upstate Community Hospital staff excelled in caring for Covid patient (Commentary)



NewsChannel 9: Cornell campus is surging with coronavirus cases (Christopher Morley).

CNY Business Journal: Opinion by Will Barclay: Hospital staffing shortages post threat to patients, providers.

WRVO/WSKG: Union calls on state to better fund Upstate and other teaching hospitals.

NewsChannel 9: Dr. Joseph Domachowske from SUNY Upstate discusses COVID-19 vaccines among 5 to 11 year olds.

NewsChannel 9: Union says Upstate lost millions during the pandemic, begs state government to better fund it.

News10ABC (Albany): At Upstate Medical University, every COVID-positive lab tested for omicron. https://web.upstate.edu:8443/entity/open.act?id=13a3f24b8b7f08a819a44704d2b0c37a&type=page&action=edit

NewsChannel 9NewsChannel 9 goes inside Upstate lab where every coronavirus postive is test for the omicron variant (Frank Middleton).

NewsChannel 9: Interview. Dr Christopher Morley answers questions about COVID-19.

New York Times: Upstate hospitals are overwhelmed as covid cases surge.

NewsChannel 9: Upstate's Dr Jana Shaw discusses the pandemic and the omicron variant.

Watertown Daily Times: Upstate closes beds amidst nursing shortage (Robert Corona)

CNYCentral: Upstate's top doctor says it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get solid data on the omicron variant (Stephen Thomas).

WPRI.com: Olympics, omicron, boycotts (Stephen Thomas) .

Syracuse.com: "I'm definitely thankful to be alive: New CNY mom nearly killed by Covid celebrates Thanksgiving.

Syracuse.com: An alarming spike in flu and Covid-19 cases in CNY worry experts as holidays near (Christopher Morley, Stephen Thomas).

CNY Central: Onondaga, Tompkins counties see stwart of flu season, cases linked to SU outbreak (Christopher Morley).

CNY Central: Why get a COVID-19 booster shot? Here's what health experts say (Elizabeth Asiago-Reddy).

NewsChannel 9: Gregory Conners and Jennifer Rapke appeared on the Newsmakers program to talk about the crisis in pediatric mental health.

CNY Central: Why isn't CNY experiencing increased COVID cases at levels like neighbors to the west are? (Christopher Morley).

Syracuse.com: Nursing shortage forces Syracuse's biggest hosptial system to shut down 20 percent of patient beds. (Robert Corona).

WAER: Syracuse Speaks-CNY Health Check-up . Christopher Morley joined other health leaders and experts on discussuon of health needs in the age of COVD.

Rome Sentinel: Ground broken on new cancer center (Thomas Vandermeer).

Spectrum News: Syracuse doctor in COVID 19 vaccine trial answers questions about its use for children. (Joseph Domachowkse)

Spectrum News: Covid-19 vaccines for children arrive upstate (Joseph Domachowske).

CNY Central: 'Nothing has changed' Syracuse hospitals and EMTs still in crisis mode ahead of winter

Syracuse.com: COVID vaccine shpts for kids 5-11 will start in Onondaga County (Steven Blatt).

NewsChannel 9: Dr Domanchowske discussing vaccinations for 5 to 11 year olds.

Spectrum News: COVID-19 vaccines for children arrive upstate (Joseph Domachowske).

NewsChannel 9: Recognizing and Preventing Strokes (Grahame Gould)

Spectrum News: Upstate University Hospital sees uptick in accelerant burns. (Tamara Roberts).

NerwsChannel 9: Dr Domachowske explains the importance of getting children vaccinated from COVID-19 (Joseph Domachowske).

CNY Central: Upstate COVID testing site moves to Fairgrounds starting Monday

NewsChannel 9: COVID-19 testing returns to State Fairgrounds.

Syracuse.com: Upstate Medical to offer COVID-19 testing at State Fairgrounds

CNY Central: Kids are driving COVID cases in CNY, but not in the classroom (Jana Shaw).

CNY Business Journal: Upstate Medical to break ground on cancer center in Verona Oct. 20

Newsweek: NY doctors ask people to stop using gasoline to stoke fires after spike in burns. (Tamara Roberts).

Syracuse.com: How nursing shortages have rocked Syracuse ERs: What we are desperate for are places to put people (William Paolo).

Syracuse.com: Syracuse hospital sees spike in patients burn after using gasoline to stoke fires (Tamara Roberts).

NewsChannel 9: Upstate University Hospital installs tent outside emergency department to test out extra space if needed.

Syracuse.com : Katko: Upstate doctors, developers of covid vaccines desrved Congressional Gold Medal

The Daily Orange: Professionals struggle to connect virutally as mental health declines nationally ( Anne Reagan, Robert Gregory)

Forbes: An infectious disease doctor explains why some of his colleagues are quitting in the faces of vaccine mandates ( Stephen Thomas).

Syracuse.com: Syracuse’s biggest hospital lays off 113 workers who refused Covid vaccine.

NewsChannel 9: Upstate University Hospital Global Health Director talks about boosters, vaccine passports and more ( Stephen Thomas).

Syracuse.com: Upstate University Hospital to shutter ORs, blaming NY vaccine mandate for staff shortage

CNYCentral: Golisano pediatric psychologist explains why students are fighting in schools across CNY (Anne Reagan)

NewsChannel 9: Upstate postpones some surgeries, St. Joe's consolidates ORs as workers lose jobs to vaccine mandate.

NewsChannel 9: Wellness Wednesday: Young girl creates IV hoodies to help infusion patients

Past coverage 

CNYCentral.com SUNY Upstate police officers honored for protecting Syracuse pastor for July shooting.

Syracuse.com: Mediator to help resolve standoff between Upstate nurses union, state oover vaccine mandate.

WAER: How CNY Kids Helped With Pfizer’s Potential COVID-19 Vaccine For Children (Joe Domachowske).

Syracuse.com: Katko: Upstate doctors, developers of COVID vaccine deserve Congressional Medal of Honor

Auburn Citizen: Auburn nurse is first to get COVID-19 vaccine at CNY Clinic for people with allergies

Past coverage

Syracuse.com: Upstate doctor urges minority community to get vaccinated: It's a miracle of medicine' (Daryll Dykes).

CNY Central: State Fair infirmary ready to care for patients with all types of injuries (Stan Goettel).

CNY Central: Upstate doctor reacts to FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine (Elizabeth Asiago Reddy).

NewsChannel 9: Doctor from Upstate discusses status of Delta variant (Katie Anderson).

Hudson Valley 360: Parents renew demand to unmask school children (Jana Shaw).

CNY Business journal: Upstate Medical team awarded funding in SUNY Summer  School start up competition (Gennady Bratslasvky, Thomas Sanford).

CNY Business Journal: Upstate Medical awarded $2 million in funding for telehealth support

CNY Business Journal: Construction on Upstate's Nappi Wellness Institute is "halfway complete". 

SYRACUSE.COM: Thinking of taking the kids to the State Fair? Here's what to consider? (Stephen Thomas, Jana Shaw).

NEWSCHANNEL 9: Cancer patients can get some relief from scalp-cooling treatment (Ranjna Sharma.)

SYRACUSE.COM: Syracuse hospital sets up makeshift hotel for crash victims: "Never seen anything like this."(Robert Corona).

SPECTRUM NEWS: Upstate Medical officer details trauma team response to tour bus crash (William Paolo).

CNY CENTRAL: 57 passengers taken to area hospitals after tour bus crash (William Paolo).

SYRACUSE.COM: Is it safe to go to the NY State Fair amid Delta Covid surge: Experts weigh in. (Sharon Brangman, Jana Shaw).

CNY CENTRAL: State Fair starts Friday: Upstate's top infectious disease doctor won't be there: (Stephen Thomas).

CNY BUSINESS JOURNAL: Federal funding to aid dementia researcher at Upstate Medical University (Wei-Dong Yao).

CNYBJ: Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital renovates two therapy rooms intop starlight spaces (Toni Gary).

SYRACUSE.COM: Upstate Medical urges schools to mandate masks: 'Costs of covid cannot be underestimated'

WAER: Upstate Medical pediatricians, public health experts call on CNY school district leaders to adopt universal masking policies (Steven Blatt, Christopher Morley).

CNY CENTRAL: Top Upstate doctors plead with schools to requires masks

WRVO: Upstate Hospital doctors, experts urge school districts to require masks. (Steven Blatt, Christopher Morley).

NEWSCHANNEL 9: Upstate Medical University doctors recommend masks in schools

SPECTRUM NEWS: Doctors across CNY appeal to schools to require masks (Kathryn Anderson, Steve Blatt).

BRIDGE STREET: Stephen Thomas talks about the ongoing increase in COVID cases and what to do about staying safe

CNYBJ: CNY Biotech Accelerator selects team for Medical Device Innovation Challenge (Kathi Durdon).

WAER: New SUNY Upstate program designed to help adolescents with complex health needs (Hutchings) https://www.waer.org/news/2021-07-29/new-suny-upstate-program-designed-to-help-adolescents-with-complex-health-needsw 

CNYBJ: Viewpoint: Innovation provides the path forward for recovery (Kathi Durdon): https://pdfiles.s3.amazonaws.com/live/pdf/20210730/2121194208153120911_19600.pdf

NBC News.com: Pfizer says vaccine’s power wanes over time. Are you still protected? ( Stephen Thomas).

Fingerlakes.com: SUNY Upstate Medical University doctor expresses concern for unvaccinated individuals ( Stephen Thomas).

CNY Central: Upstate doctor “extremely concerned” about Delta variant ( Stephen Thomas).

Syracuse.com: Syracuse’s Upstate University Hospital workers must get COVID shoot or else. Or else what? ( Robert Corona).

CNYBJ: Labs at Upstate and Cornell to help state identify covid variants.

NewsChannel 9: Governor to require vaccines Upstate Hospital employees working directly with patients.

Syracuse.com: More labs, including one in Syracuse, to help find Covid variants.

Coping magazine: Upstate's pediatric oncology team was noted in Coping magazine's round-up coverage of Cancer Survivors Day.

Spectrum News: SUNY to expand pre medical opportunity program (Upstate Medical).

CNY Business Journal: Upstate opens second outpatient pharmacy.

WAER: New federal bill by CNY Rep Katko could help prevention treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne disease (Saravanan Thangamani, Kris Paolino).

Auburn Citizen: Katko renews push for bill to support tick ID programs like the one at SUNY Upstate.

Palladium Times: Katko wants for tick monitoring (Mantosh Dewan)

WRVO: Katko pushing for federal funding to tracks and tick-born diseases (Saravanan Thangamani).

CNN: Stephen Thomas appeared on ERIN BURNETT OUT FRONT and NEW DAY in a discussion on the COVID variants and vaccines.

NewsChannel 9: Upstate University Hospital open second outpatient pharmacy since 2018 (Eric Balotin).

Spectrum News: SUNY Upstate lab overwhelmed by growing demand to test ticks (Sarvanan Thangmani)

Syracuse.com:Upstate taking over, expanding kids mental health care at Hutchings (Mantosh Dewan).

Medical News Today: Bias in medical research: Studies by women cited less often than those by men (L. Syd Johnson).

Auburn CItizen: Katko introduces legislation to increase pandemic research at academic medical centers like SUNY Upstate (Mantosh Dewan).

NewsChannel 9: Upstate University Hospital celebrates 10th anniversary of Community General Hospital addition (Robert Corona)

Bridge Street: July 4 Safety Tips from Clark Burn Center (Jessica Summers)

NewsChannel 9: Burn Center doctor discusses dangers of fireworks (Jessica Summers)

CNYCentral: CNY family continues 4-year-olds legacy to help sick children (Upstate Golisano, Frechette family).

Syracuse.com: Summer nights in Syracuse are getting hotter, and that could make people sicker (William Paolo).

NewsChannel 9: From pediatrics to a pandemic, Upstate Hospital's retiring chief nurse considers her career 'a gift' (Nancy Page).

Spectrum News: How lawmakers want to prepare for the next pandemic (Upstate Medical, John Katko).

Syracuse.com: Onondaga Health Department reports sox cases of rare disease in CNY spread through ticks (Upstate Medical)

Syracuse.com: Will we have to start wearing masks again? (Stephen Thomas)

Summer Safety: Which popular activities lead to more burn injuries (Tamara Roberts)? https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/from-pediatrics-to-a-pandemic-upstate-hospitals-retiring-chief-nurse-considers-her-career-a-gift/


Wellness Wednesday: Pandemic leads to spike in grilling injuries. How to prevent burns (Tamara Roberts).


Upstate University Hospital recognizes nurses hard work with a raise


Nurses at Upstate University Hospital get raises for their work throughout pandemic (Courtneybelle DesRoberts, Michael Casey).


SUNY Upstate wraps up yearlong medical delivery drone pilot (Robert Corona).


Doctor investigating on Upstate Pfizer trial talks about recent developments (Joseph Domachowske).


Syracuse.com: Upstate Medical nurses get pay raises for going ‘above and beyond’ during pandemic

SUNY announces pay increases for nurses, many of whom when above and beyond the call of duty during the covid pandemic. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/06/upstate-medical-nurses-get-pay-raises-for-going-above-and-beyond-during-pandemic.html

CNYCentral: Nurses at Upstate University Hospital get raises for their work throughout pandemic


NewsChannel 9: SUNY raises pay for Upstate University Hospital.


Syracuse.com: Top Syracuse doc says he and other Black people targeted by menthol cigarette makers.

Daryll Dykes shares his experience of smoking menthol cigaretttes and being targeted by a "predatory marketing campaign that targeted Black peopel: https://www.syracuse.com/health/2021/06/top-syracuse-doc-says-he-and-other-blacks-targeted-by-menthol-cigarette-makers.html

Pandemic leads to spike in grilling injuries: How you can prevent those burns

Tamara Roberts offer insight in grillings most likely injuries and how to avoid them: https://www.localsyr.com/wellness-wednesday/wellness-wednesday-pandemic-leads-to-spike-in-grilling-injuries-heres-how-you-can-prevent-those-burns/

Drug approved to treat Alzheimer's still comes with questions

Sharon Brangman weighs on the FDA's OK of a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/health/2021/06/08/drug-approved-to-treat-alzheimer-s-still-comes-with-questions

Syracuse hospital tests medical deliveries by drone; will it fly for real emergencies

Robert Corona is quoted about the ongoing testing with Nuair alliance and DroneUp of the opportunity to use drone to make fast medical deliveries across the region.https://www.syracuse.com/business/2021/06/syracuse-hospital-tests-medical-deliveries-by-drone-will-it-fly-for-real-emergencies.html

Becker's Hospital Review Interview with Dr Robert Corona, CEO, of Upstate University Hospital

Corona discusses how hospital strategies have changed over the last few years, especially with the changing face of COVID, priorities for the future : https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/podcasts/podcasts-beckers-hospital-review/robert-corona-ceo-at-suny-upstate-university-medical-university-78010601.html

University Hospital aces medical drone deliver tests




Wellness Wednesday: Cancer survivor shares what got her through while Upstate Cancer Center celebrates survivors

June 2021 In Good Health features several articles with Upstate pediatrician Steven Blatt, MD

‘Don’t Fry Day’ puts sunscreen on your radar while Upstate Cancer Center puts dispensers in various parks around Syracuse and zoo https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/dont-fry-day-puts-sunscreen-on-your-radar-while-upstate-cancer-center-puts-dispensers-at-various-parks-around-syracuse-and-zoo/

Dean at Upstate Medical University cherishes upbringing: Asian Americans Standing Strong https://www.localsyr.com/community/asian-americans-standing-strong/dean-at-upstate-medical-university-cherishes-upbringing-asian-americans-standing-strong/

Living with Lyme: A deeper look beyond Lyme and into other deadly infections ticks carry https://www.localsyr.com/living-with-lyme/living-with-lyme-a-deeper-look-beyond-lyme-and-into-other-deadly-infections-tick-carry/

Mask restrictions are lifting for vaccinated; where does that leave kids? https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2021/05/24/mask-restrictions-are-lifting-for-vaccinated--where-does-that-leave-kids-

Pediatric infectious disease specialist at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital talks about vaccinating youngsters https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/pediatric-disease-specialist-golisano-childrens-hospital-talks-about-vaccinating-youngsters/

Living with Lyme: Pediatricians treating children with tick bites across Central New York

Daughter’s final messages to Clay mom inspires suicide prevention, depression awareness

Syracuse mom and three kids enroll in Covid-19 vaccine trials: ‘Important for the greater good’

Upstate doctor leading Pfizer vaccine trial says booster shot ‘reasonable expectation’

Kids could be at higher risk of Covid-19 with loosened mask mandates, physician says

Chancellor Malatras announces the inaugural class of the Pre-Med Opportunity Program

Five Stony Brook University students make inaugural class of Pre-Med Opportunity Program

Video gaming for a cause: Local gamer raises money for Griffan’s Guardians with live streams on Twitch

Syracuse boy recovers fully from rare covid-related illness MIS-C

Stroke Survivor shares her road to recovery with a message to other survivors

How the 2 nd Covid-19 wave in India is affecting these SU students, their loved ones

Living with Lyme: Lyme disease study at Upstate could lead to faster diagnosis, participants needed

Living with Lyme: Upstate Tick Testing Program tracks alarming trend

This infectious diseases expert explains why he’s vaccinating his kids against covid

Mobile Covid19 vaccination clinic at Upstate bringing vaccines to people experiencing homelessness in Syracuse

Consider kids’ mental health, Upstate doctor says to parents hesitant about Covid vaccine

Dr. Thomas talks about CDC decision to approve vaccine for kids 12-15 years

Upstate Medical University will pay participants to get small dengue fever injection

SUNY Upstate holds two in-person commencement ceremonies Saturday

SUNY Chancellor Malatras congratulates graduating medical students

Baldwinsville alum honored by Syracuse Press Club

New Upstate Golisano Center for Special Needs diagnosis autism faster for CNY families https://cnycentral.com/news/local/new-center-diagnoses-autism-faster-for-cny-families-at-upstate-golisano-childrens-hospital

Syracuse hospital speeds up care for kids with autism who used to wait 2 years https://www.syracuse.com/health/2021/04/syracuse-hospital-speeds-up-care-for-autistic-kids-who-used-to-have-to-wait-2-years.html

Upstate opens new center to serve children with special needs https://www.wrvo.org/post/upstate-opens-new-center-serve-children-special-needs#stream/0

Golisano Center for Special Needs open at Upstate https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/golisano-center-for-special-needs-open-at-upstate-medical-university/

Upstate seeks Alzheimer’s patients with disruptive behavior to participate in drug study https://www.syracuse.com/health/2021/04/upstate-seeks-alzheimers-patients-with-disruptive-behavior-to-participate-in-drug-study.html

Upstate seeks Alzheimer’s patients for clinical trial https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/upstate-seeking-alzheimers-patients-for-clinical-trial/

If herd immunity is your plan to beat Covid, you need a plan B https://www.forbes.com/sites/coronavirusfrontlines/2021/04/23/if-herd-immunity-is-your-plan-to-beat-covid-you-need-a-plan-b/?sh=1c443fa74c1a

Dr. Thomas gives insight on how to stay safe after mask mandates change https://www.localsyr.com/interviews/dr-thomas-gives-insight-on-how-to-stay-safe-after-mask-mandates-change/

Upstate doctor weighs in on when Covid vaccines could be approved for younger children https://www.localsyr.com/health/coronavirus/upstate-doctor-weighs-in-on-when-covid-vaccines-could-be-approved-for-younger-children/

Upstate doctor overcame her own vaccine hesitancy, now helps clear up misinformation in Black communities https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/upstate-doctor-overcame-her-own-vaccine-hesitancy-now-helps-clear-up-misinformation-in-black-communities/

Upstate doctor overcame her own vaccine hesitancy, now helps clear up misinformation in Black communities https://pix11.com/news/ny-doctor-overcame-her-own-vaccine-hesitancy-now-helps-clear-up-misinformation-in-black-communities/

Herd immunity from Covid-19 a lofty goal, even locally in Central New York https://cnycentral.com/station/herd-immunity-from-covid-19-a-lofty-goal-even-locally-in-central-new-york

Months after Covid-19, CNY ‘long-haulers’ suffer fatigue, breathing problems, loss of smell https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/04/months-after-covid-19-cny-long-haulers-suffer-fatigue-breathing-problems-loss-of-smell.html

SUNY surpasses 2 million Covid-19 tests https://www.rochesterfirst.com/coronavirus/suny-surpasses-2-million-covid-19-tests/

SUNY surpasses 2 million Covid-19 tests conducted for students, faculty and staff https://oswegocountytoday.com/news/suny-surpasses-2-million-covid-19-tests-conducted-for-students-faculty-staff/

Chancellor Malatras announces SUNY surpasses two million Covid-19 tests conducted for students, faculty and staff since the beginning of the fall 2020 semester https://www.suny.edu/suny-news/press-releases/4-21/4-19-21/2-million-covid-tests.html

City and State’s Upstate NY Power 100: 7 Syracuse-area leaders make top 20

The 2021 Upstate Power 100: The movers and shakers who have upstate New York on the upswing

Katko, Upstate Medical University holding telephone town hall on Covid-19 vaccines

SUNY Upstate experts on Katko tele-town hall: Covid-19 vaccines effective, safe

Dr. Thomas talks pausing the use of J&J Covid vaccine

Upstate begins Covid-19 vaccine trials for kids under 5

Consensus statement revises previous assertions about ADHD

I got my life back: Syracuse’s innovative way of battling suicide makes a difference

Upstate’s innovative way of battling suicide makes a difference: I got my life back

School Suffering Town Hall on mental health, education crisis during Covid

She’s my lifesaver. Teen revives 6-month old while babysitting

Dance Marathon to be held virtually this year

Park Street fire that badly injured a boy was mother’s worst nightmare

Jordan Elbridge senior’s community service project honors the memory of a classmate

Upstate One Of First Sites In World To Test Pfizer Covid Vaccine In Kids Under 5  https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/04/upstate-one-of-first-sites-in-world-to-test-pfizer-covid-vaccine-in-kids-under-5.html

Upstate University Hospital Continues Covid Vaccine Trials On Children, Looking For Participants https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/upstate-university-hospital-continues-covid-vaccine-trials-on-children/

Upstate Seeks Parents of Children 6 Months To 11 Years Old For Pfizer Vaccine Study https://cnycentral.com/news/coronavirus/upstate-seeks-parents-of-children-6-months-to-11-years-old-for-pfizer-vaccine-study

Doctors At Upstate Key In Pfizer Vaccine Study Involving Children https://www.localsyr.com/interviews/doctors-at-upstate-key-in-pfizer-vaccine-study-involving-children/

Pfizer Vaccine 100% Effective In Trial With 75 Kids Participating Through Upstate Hospital https://cnycentral.com/news/coronavirus/pfizer-vaccine-100-effective-in-trial-with-75-cny-kids-participating

Local Expert Not Surprised By Pfizer Vaccine’s Efficacy With Children https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/coronavirus/2021/04/01/local-expert--not-surprised--by-pfizer-vaccine-s-efficiency-with-children

Upstate University Hospital Brings Breast Cancer Screenings To Locations Across New York https://www.localsyr.com/bridge-street/upstate-university-hospital-brings-breast-cancer-screenings-to-locations-across-new-york/

Wellness Wednesday: RAPID Software At Upstate Medical University Speeds Up Time, Saves Lives https://www.localsyr.com/wellness-Wednesday/wellness-Wednesday-rapid-software-at-upstate-medical-university-speeds-up-time-save-lives/

RAPID software at Upstate Medical University Speeds Up Time, Saves Lives  https://www.localsyr.com/wellness-Wednesday/wellness-Wednesday-rapid-software-at-upstate-medical-university-speeds-up-time-save-lives/

Meet the Unsung Heroes at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital, Doing The Impossible For Patients In A Pandemic  https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/meet-the-unsung-heroes-at-Golisano-children's-hospital-doing-the-impossible-for-patients-in-a-pandemic/

Behind The Scenes In The Pfizer Vaccine Trial  https://podcast.app/stephen-thomas-behind-the-scenes-in-the-pfizer-vaccine-trial-e130517775/?utm_source=ios&utm_medium=share

Public Health Equity Advocate Faiz Kidwai Talks Mental Health and Covid  https://wfhb.org/news/public-health-equity-advocate-faiz-kidwai/

Upstate Medical University Med Students Still Party, But Not As Hearty, On Match Day  https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/03/upstate-medical-university-med-students-still-party-but-not-as-hearty-on-match-day.html

Match Day At Upstate Medical University  https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/match-day-at-upstate-medical-university/

New York’s Medical Schools See Spike In Applications  https://wskg.org/news/new-yorks-medical-schools-see-spike-in-applications/

Upstate Sleep Experts Provide Tips To A Better Night’s Rest  https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2021/03/18/daylight-savings-provides-opportunity-to-revamp-sleep-schedule

Dr. Thomas Talks Vaccines, Spring Break Travel  https://www.localsyr.com/interviews/dr-thomas-talks-vaccines-spring-break-travel/

IMPACT: Life In A Pandemic  https://www.localsyr.com/impact-life-in-a-pandemic/impact-life-in-a-pandemic/

New York’s Medical Schools See Spike In Applications

Vector Biocontainment Laboratory Opens at Upstate Medical University (Photographs)

Syracuse Gets $7.6 Million Lab To Study Deadly Infections, Head Off Next Pandemic

New Upstate Lab Will Focus On Tick, Mostquito-Transmitted Diseases

SUNY Upstate Medical University Opens New Lab To Study And Monitor Infectious Diseases

Upstate’s Dr. Thomas On CDC Recommendation of J&J Vaccine For Pregnant Women

Covid-19 Vaccines: Moderna vs. Pfizer vs. J&J—Key Things To Know

U.S. Rushes to Expand Covid Vaccine Eligibility In A Race Against Time

As U.S. Sees Encouraging News Over All, Northeast Looks Like An Outlier

Sharon Brangman was featured in a Spectrum News segment on her work to reduce Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in Black communities. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2021/02/26/local-doctor-works-to-narrow-health-disparities-for-the-marginalized

Sharon Brangman and Daryll Dykes participated in a town hall on Covid-19 vaccine myths and mistrust. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/covid-19-town-hall-aims-to-stop-myths-and-misconceptions-about-vaccine

Jana Shaw and Stephen Thomas were featured in a Syracuse.com story on getting kids back to school safely. https://www.syracuse.com/schools/2021/03/cnys-top-coronavirus-doctors-kids-need-to-get-back-to-school.html

Stephen Thomas outlines the Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Your Covid Vaccine in Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/coronavirusfrontlines/2021/02/26/the-dos-and-don'ts-of-getting-your-covid-19-vaccine/?sh=7ddb4f62691d

Stephen Thomas talked about the Tokyo Olympics with WGN. https://wgnradio.com/sports/this-month-marks-a-year-since-the-Olympics-were-postponed-whats-next/

Stephen Thomas discussed the new J+J Covid-19 vaccine with WGN News Nation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr9jVIH6r8Q

Stephen Thomas is quoted in a Syracuse.com story on J+J’s new Covid-19 vaccine, now available in Syracuse. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/03/thousands-of-slots-open-for-one-shot-covid-vaccine-at-nys-fairgrounds-how-to-grab-one.html

Tiger Woods Crash. Daryll Dykes, MD, JD, contributed to CNN coverage of Tiger Woods and injuries he sustained in a car crash. https://video.snapstream.net/Play/2rwEnT9FWsGVyIILV22CNp?accessToken=2e3ls9dy3suy

Children Are Consuming Hand Sanitizer: Here's How to Keep Them Safe. William Eggleston, PharmD, Upstate New York Poison Center, discussed the dangers of kids consuming hand sanitizer with The New York Times.  https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/25/well/family/sanitizer-kids-safety.html

2021 America’s Best Large Employers . Upstate Medical University ranked #35 on the Forbes America’s Best Large Employers List. https://www.forbes.com/best-large-employers/#797dd303fb3e

How I Ended Up in the Hospital with Covid-19. Upstate Community Hospital praised in CNY Central reporter’s story on her covid hospitalization. https://cnycentral.com/news/the-new-new-york/how-i-ended-up-in-the-hospital-with-covid-19

Thousands in CNY Get Second Covid Vaccine: Sore Arms, Fevers and ‘A Huge Relief’. Meghan Lewis, RN, and Elizabeth Rogers talked with Syracuse.com for a story on the benefits of Covid-19 vaccines. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/02/thousands-in-cny-get-second-covid-vaccine-sore-arms-fevers-and-a-huge-relief.html

Why Kids Need Their Own Covid-19 Vaccine Trials. Joseph Domachowske, MD, talked with National Geographic on Covid clinical trials for kids. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/why-kids-need-their-own-covid-19-vaccine-trials

SUNY Upstate Medical to Construct Covid-19 Testing Lab at University of Buffalo. President Mantosh Dewan and SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras were featured in a story on a new Upstate lab at University at Buffalo. https://www.mytwintiers.com/news-cat/top-stories/suny-upstate-medical-university-to-construct-covid-19-testing-lab-at-university-of-buffalo/

How Dementia Locks People Inside Their Pain. Sharon Brangman, MD, is featured in The Atlantic in a story outlining the complexity of caring for those who cannot communicate how they are feeling, suffering. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/02/alzheimers-dementia-pain-memory/617994//

More Onondaga County Residents Died in 2020 than in at Least 50 Years. Kathryn Anderson, MD, is quote in a Syracuse.com story on 2020 deaths. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/02/more-onondaga-county-residents-died-in-2020-than-in-at-least-50-years-it-wasnt-all-covid.html

Does One Shot of the Covid-19 Vaccine Offer Enough Protection? Stephen Thomas, MD, talked with News Channel 9 on Covid vaccines. https://www.localsyr.com/health/coronavirus/does-one-shot-of-the-covid-19-vaccine-offer-enough-protection/

As Millions Get their Covid Shots, Here’s What We Still Don’t Know About the Vaccines. Stephen Thomas, MD, is quoted in a Syracuse.com story about covid vaccines. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/02/as-millions-get-their-covid-shots-heres-what-we-still-dont-know-about-the-vaccines.html

Central New York’s Road to Covid-19 Herd Immunity. Stephen Thomas, MD, was interviewed for a CNY Central story on herd immunity. https://cnycentral.com/news/the-new-new-york/central-new-yorks-road-to-covid-19-herd-immunity

Oswego County schools use emergency days after staff feel side effects from Covid-19 vaccine. Stephen Thomas, MD, was quote in a WRVO story on normal side effects from Covid vaccine. https://www.wrvo.org/post/oswego-county-schools-use-emergency-days-after-staff-feel-side-effects-covid-19-vaccine#stream/0

During Pandemic, Kids as Young as 4 have Needed Mental Health Treatment. Jennifer Rapke, PsyD, and Christopher Lucas, MD, were featured in a CNY Central special on mental health and children. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/during-pandemic-kids-as-young-as-4-have-needed-mental-health-treatment

School Suffering: The Covid Crisis in Children, a Special NBC3 Newscast. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/school-suffering-the-covid-crisis-in-children

Choir Singing May Improve Cognitive Function in Older Adults. Sharon Brangman, MD, talked with Healio News and offered her perspective on how singing and other activities help to stimulate our brains and maintain verbal flexibility. https://www.healio.com/news/primary-care/20210217/choir-singing-may-improve-cognitive-function-in-older-adults

Significant Increase in Liver Disease Patients Related to Alcohol Abuse. Zachary Shepherd, MD, talked with CNY Central, about an increase in liver disease due to alcohol abuse during the Covid pandemic. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/cny-doctor-sees-significant-increase-in-liver-disease-patients-related-to-alcohol-abuse

New SUNY Program Will Help Low-Income Students Attend Medical School. Femi Olu-Talabi, Upstate medical student, talked with CNY Central about a new statewide SUNY initiative designed to help economically disadvantaged students pursue medical education. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/new-suny-program-will-help-low-income-students-attend-medical-school

SUNY Expanding Support for Disadvantaged Undergraduate Students to Include Medical School . Nakeia Chambers spoke with News Channel 9 for a story on SUNY’s new medical education pipeline program. https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/suny-expanding-support-for-disadvantaged-undergraduate-students-to-include-medical-school/

Upstate New York Poison Center Sees an Increase in Hand Sanitizer, Bleach Calls Due to Covid-19. Michele Caliva spoke with News Channel 9 on the top poison calls received by Upstate New York Poison Center. https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/upstate-ny-poison-center-sees-an-increase-in-hand-sanitizer-bleach-calls-due-to-covid-19/

Upstate Medical Building Second Lab in Buffalo to Process More Covid-19 Saliva Tests. Frank Middleton, PhD, is mentioned in a Syracuse.com story about a new Upstate testing lab at University at Buffalo. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/02/upstate-medical-building-second-lab-in-buffalo-to-process-more-covid-19-saliva-tests.html

SUNY Campuses Have Administered 1 Million Covid-19 Tests. Chancellor Malatras was featured in a News Channel 9 segment on SUNY campuses hitting the 1 million mark for covid tests administered. https://www.localsyr.com/health/coronavirus/suny-campuses-have-administered-1-million-covid-19-tests/

Sharon Brangman was quoted in The Atlantic for a Feb. 11 story on Alzheimer’s patients who can’t accurate convey what they are going through (Feb. 11)

Randy Green was interviewed for a CNY Central Feb. 8 story about a Solvay woman who was nearly scared to death and suffered an aortic dissection (Feb. 8)

Amy Tucker and Robert Corona are featured in the current edition of CNY C-Suite Magazine (Feb. 9)

  Daryll Dykes was interviewed for a Syracuse.com article on Syracuse town hall was interviewed for a Syracuse town  hall seeking to allay mistrust that makes some Blacks leery for covid vaccine (Jan. 28).

Upstate Medical to build covid-19 testing lab at University of Buffalo CNYBJ.com (Feb. 2.)

SUNY Upstate using drones to transport COVID test kits across campus ( Robert Corona) (WRVO Feb. 4).

Upstate University Hospital top nursing recognition ( Mantosh Dewan) (Jan. 21, 2021).

Upstate held a press conference Jan. 6 announcing it has begun using its second round of COVID-19 vaccine for frontline health personnel. Event, which featured remarks from Dr Mantosh Dewan, Dr Robert Corona and SUNY Chancellor Malatras was covered by NewsChannel 9,  WRVO, Spectrum News, CNY Central, CNY Business Journal.

Housekeeper Kenzo Mukendi was interviewed by CNY Central on the occasion of receiving his second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Jan. 5.

Upstate's COVID-19 saliva swab test was noted in the Albany Times Union Jan. 7 story headlined Albany airport officials tout covid test.