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Featured coverage

Antonio Culebras was interviewed for the CNYCentral story "Increased sleep can help combat COVID-19, sleep experts say" (Oct. 15).

Jana Shaw was interviewed for the CNYCentral story "Keeping the spirit of Halloween alive during the pandemic" (Oct. 13).

Jarrod Bagatell was interviewed by Syracuse.com for the story: "Why you should get vacccine by end of October" (Oct. 13).

Stephen Thomas was interviewed for the Syracuse.com story "Mayor Walsh tests negative for COVID-19 after possible exposure (Oct. 12).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Syracuse.com story "You might have been exposed to the coronavirus, should you get a test (Oct. 12).

Jarrod Bagatell was interviewed for the Syracuse.com story "Cold, flu or coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if its COVID-19" (Oct.10).

Upstate's saliva swab test is noted in Chicago Health magazine in the story "Easier to use coronavirus saliva tests start to catch on" (Oct. 9).

Frank Middleton is quoted in the Newsday story "Stony Brook University researchers turn to sewers to study COVID-19" (Oct 9).


Previous coverage

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Oct. 4 New York Times article “Instead of Reassurance, Trump doctor delivers confusion."

Frank Middleton is quoted in the Daily Orange story “Pooled saliva testing allows SU to overcome national rapid test shortage” Oct. 8.

Paul Waltz was interviewed for the Spectrum News story “Collecting Cans to Help Fight Cancer” (Oct. 7).

The opening of Upstate’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program was featured in the following media:

CNY Central "Upstate opens new outpatient program for teens battling mental health difficulties."

Syracuse.com “Syracuse gets new intensive outpatient mental health program for teens."

NewsChannel 9 “Upstate opens new unit for teens facing mental health challenges but don’t need the ER."

WWTI-TV "SUNY Upstate Medical University launches new program to assist teens combating mental health difficulties."

CNY Business Journal "Upstate Medical University announces new mental health program for adolescents."

Upstate’s saliva swab test for COVID-19 is noted in this Medscape story “Easier-to-Use Coronavirus Saliva Tests Start to Catch On” Oct. 7.

Frank Middleton was interviewed by the Journal News, USA Today Network for story and video "Inside the NY lab churning out 15000 COVID-19 saliva tests per day to keep colleges open" (Oct. 1).

Ranjna Sharma was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 for the story "Impact of pandemic on breast cancer screening and funding" (Oct. 1).

Jana Shaw is quoted in the NewsChannel 9 story "Why are people having a hard time finding flu shots for those 65 and older?" (Oct. 1).

Gaddum Reddy and Zulma Tovar-Spinoza were quoted in the Central New York Business Journal story "Upstate University Hospital using Rosa brain robot for minimally invasive brain surgery" (Sept. 25).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Syracuse.com story "Coronavirus tests with results in 15 minutes are rare in CNY, but could be more on the way" (Sept. 29).

James Knoll authored a piece in the Psychiatric Times "Bad Men Do What Good Men Mean" (Sept. 30).

Oneida Daily Dispatch: SUNY Upstate to offer COVID-19 testing in Madison County after work hours (Sept. 25).

Mentions of Upstate’s pooled testing protocol with other SUNY campuses are included in the following press:

Glens Falls Post-Star, SUNY Adirondack (Sept. 29)

Geneseo SUN, SUNY Geneseo

Plattsburgh Press Republican, SUNY Plattsburgh (Sept. 29)

Niagara Frontier Publications

WKBW (Oct. 1)

WWTI: "COVID-19 testing ramped up at SUNY Upstate, bringing weekly testing capacity to over 120,000 across 64 campuses."

Syracuse. com Coronavirus 'smoke detector' launched in Syracuse put brakes on SUNY Oneonta outbreak (Sept. 24).

Robert Corona and Stephen Thomas were interviewed for the NewsChannel 9 COVID-19 special Dark Days, which details actions by health and political leaders over the first six months of the pandemic. (Sept. 25).

Coverage about the FDA emergency use authorization approval for saliva swab diagnostic COVID-19 test developed by Upstate and Quadrant Biosciences was widespread, including


CBS-TV, New York City, 

Cortland Voice

ABC TV, New York City


WHEC-TV, Rochester

Spectrum News

1010WINS, New York City

CNY Central.com



NewsChannel 9

CNY Business Journal



Jana Shaw was quoted in the Associated Press and Newsday on the story CDC recommends not doing traditional trick or treating on Halloween because of COVID-19 (Sept. 22).

Frank Middleton is quoted in the story on WSKG radio SUNY-Wide Pooled COVID-19 Testing May Be More Effective, Expert Says (Sept. 22).

Robert Corona is interviewed in the CNY Central story  Covid-19 testing site for symptomatic students opens at NBT Bank Stadium (Sept. 21).

Melanie Comito appeared on NewsChannel 9's Bridge Street to discuss the importance of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (Sept. 21).

Christopher Morley is quoted in VeryWell.com article Airports Drop COVID-19 screening for international passengers: How to Stay Safe (Sept. 18).

Robert Corona is quoted in the Spectrum News coverage McMahon credits pool testing for controlling COVID-19 spread in schools and in NewsChannel 9 story Onondaga County offering COVID testing to symptomatic county students, teachers next week (Sept. 18).

Upstate Medical University's role in testing SUNY students for COVID-19 is noted in the New York Times story Party Selfies and Hazmat Suits: How New York’s worst campus outbreak unfolded (Sept. 16).  This story also appeared in New York Times News Service members, including Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant, Chicago Tribune, Virginia Pilot and Sun Sentinel.

Upstate’s role in testing county school children suspected of having COVID-19 is noted in the Syracuse.com story Sick school kids in Onondaga County can get quick test for coronavirus (Sept. 17).

Upstate's role in testing SUNY students for COVID-19 was noted in Chancellor Malatras's commentary that was covered by numerous media outlets, including:

Syracuse.com: Students can study safely on campus with smart approach.

Wellsville Daily Reporter: We can study safely on campus — with a smart approach

The following stories note Upstate's role in testing students from SUNY campuses:

WCAX3: A look at how SUNY Plattsburg’s COVID-19 testing work (Sept. 16).

Journal Courier: SUNY faculty and staff to be tested for COVID-19 (Sept. 15). Same story also appears in the San Antonio Express and Albany Times Union.

Cortland Standard: SUNY Cortland to tighten virus testing after rise.

North Country Now: SUNY Potsdam begins comprehensive COVID-19 surveillance testing of students (Sept. 15).

7News SUNY Potsdam begins testing all students for COVID-19 (Sept. 15).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Syracuse.com article Are coronavirus cases in CNY schools, colleges cause for alarm (Sept. 16).

Jana Shaw is interviewed for the NewsChannel 9 story Local health expert says parents should avoid letting their children trick or treat this year (Sept. 16) and in the Syracuse.com story Cuomo says he won’t ban Halloween trick-or treating (Sept. 15).

Syracuse.com reported on the delivery of testing machines for covid in the article Upstate Medical gets 5 more machines to boost coronavirus testing on SUNY's 64 campuses (Sept. 9).

Mentions of Upstate's role in covid testing for SUNY is also noted in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, The Hudson Valley River, Newsday.

Jana Shaw was interviewed by CNY Central for the story What is a COVID-19 exposure budget and how does it affect students (Sept. 9).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Syracuse.com article How long will we have to wear masks against the coronavirus in CNY?

Robert Corona and Stuart Wright are featured in the In Good Health article Upstate University Hospital administrators recognized (September 2020).

Carol Sames is quoted in the In Good Health article Which is better, working out early or later in the day (September 2020).

Sharon Brangman is quoted in the In Good Health article Women at higher Alzheimer's risk compared to men. (September, 2020)

Numerous press outlets across the state have covered announcements that Upstate's surveillance testing for COVID is now in use at various colleges and universities:  Syracuse.com: SUNY Upstate deploying coronavirus tests on the Oneonta campus

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the New York Times article Nobody likes snitching: How rules against parties are dividing campuses (Sept. 2).

The Sept. 1 visit to Upstate by Chancellor Jim Malatras was covered in various local and regional press, including WRVO, Spectrum News, NewsChannel 9, 13WHAM-TV Rochester, CNY Central, among others.

Karen Klingman is quoted in Healio News on Screening for sleeping disorders lacking in primary care. (Sept. 2).

Ronald Pies is quoted in the Associated Press story on Half of US adults now report some sign of depression, twice as much compared to a few years ago, study shows. (Sept. 2).

Jana Shaw was quoted in the Oneida Daily Dispatch in the story NYSUT calls on state to make masks mandatory at all times in schools (Sept. 2).

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras, interviewed on CNN, acknowledged Upstate Medical University's role in helping SUNY's efforts to combat COVID on college campuses, especially SUNY Oneonta. He called Upstate "one of the premier medical universities in the nation" and said it was doing 75,000 tests a week for the SUNY system.

Fadar Oliver Otite is quoted about his study in Rare 'brain vein' strokes are on the rise in US News & World Report (Aug. 27). Numerous other outlets and blogs have covered this story,

Steve Blatt was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 for the story SCSD partners with Golisano for children's immunization clinic (Aug. 26). Story was also covered by Spectrum News.

Syracuse.com reported on one of Upstate's research clinical trials in How Syracuse researchers are using cows to fight coronavirus (Aug. 25).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Syracuse.com article How will CNY fare when flu season crashes into coronavirus pandemic? It's up to us (Aug. 26).

Kathryn Anderson is quoted in the Daily Orange story Health experts predict campus won't close early if SU controls virus spread (Aug. 27).

Stephen Thomas was interviewed for the WRVO story Upstate physician concerned about FDA guidance on convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19 (Aug. 26).

Numerous media outlets, including WMAC, Plattsburgh Press Republican, have covered SUNY Chancellor Malatras's visits to SUNY Plattsburgh and UAlbany where he announced that those campuses were using Upstate's saliva surveillance pooled testing protocol to aid in returning students safely to campus.

Stephen Thomas was interviewed for the CNYCentral story on CNY infectious disease expert says flu season will look different this year (Aug. 25).

Stephen Thomas appeared on NewsChannel 9 Aug. 17 to discuss various topics related to COVID-19, including the opening of gyms and other workout facilities.

Frank Middleton was interviewed by Spectrum News (Aug. 17) and NewsChannel 9 (Aug. 19) about his pool surveillance testing for returning college students at various campus using saliva samples.

Jana Shaw appeared on a CNYCentral forum about returning to school (Aug. 19).

The announcement of Upstate's trio of new neurosurgeons—Harish Babu, Ali Hazama and Timothy Beutler—was featured in the CNY Business Journal (Aug. 20).

Recent Coverage

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Forbes magazine article Why the U.S. needs to change its testing strategy to fight the coronavirus pandemic (Aug. 13).

Jay Brenner is quoted in Relias Media article on Evidence of race disparities in ED could support negligence claims (Sept. 1)

Rob Simpson of CenterStateCEO notes Upstate Medical University's importance in his opinion piece on Syracuse.com/Post-Standard about the safe return of students to the colleges and universities in the region (Aug. 12).

Saravanan Thangamani is featured in the Syracuse.com/Post-Standard article Where on your body are you most likely to find a tick? Upstate study has the answer (Aug.11).

Nancy Page and Stephen Thomas were interviewed for the CNYCentral story A checkup on morale at Upstate Hospital as fight against COVID continues (Aug. 11).

Viren Kaul was interviewed for the ABC News story An unexpected experimental treatment for severe COVID-19: freezing temperatures (Aug 10).

Kathryn Holliday was featured in an article in Nurse Practitioner Schools on Ask a Professor: New York's NPs and the fight for full practice authority (August).

Stephen Thomas was interviewed about Upstate's COVID vaccine clinical trial that was covered by various media, including CNY Business Journal,  CNYCentral, Spectrum News, Syracuse.com (July 29). Also WRVO and WAER

Kathryn Anderson was interviewed for a WRVO story on Frustration mounts as gyms remain closed: How risky is it for them to remain open. (Aug. 6).

Matt Elkins and Tim Endy were interviewed for the Syracuse.com story Syracuse hospital to bank coronavirus survivors' blood after remarkable recoveries

Harry Taylor was interviewed by the New York Times for the story The coronavirus could dodge some treatment, study suggests (July 28).

Jennifer Rapke was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 for a story on the mental health issues facing children over school reopenings (July 30).

Upstate announcement of its COVID-19 clinical trial featured interviews with Stephen Thomas were featured on NewsChannel 9, Spectrum News, CNYCentral. The clinical trial was also covered by Syracuse.com

Stephen Thomas was interviewed by WRVO for Syracuse hospital to collect from recovered COVID patients for treatment (July 29).

Stephen Thomas was a guest on NewsChannel 9 July 27 discussing the latest on COVID-19 clinical trial success.

Stephen Thomas was interviewed by Syracuse.com July 27 for the story Syracuse University reopening: What happens when a party school meets a pandemic.

Saravanan Thangamani was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 July 27 for Pilot program at Upstate looks to create tick blocking vaccine. 

Steven Blatt and Vito Losito were interviewed by NewsChannel 9 on the financial troubles facing area pediatrics practices that have lost income to the pandemic. They were also featured in the CNYCentral report Pediatrician visits plummet amid pandemic—Doctors have this warning for parents; WAER's report CNY Pediatricians Worried About Older Kids Getting Vaccinations; Struggle to Keep Their Doors Open 

Robert Corona was interviewed by WRVO for the report Officials hope new equipment will relieve backlog on COVID-19 test results. (July 21)

Baldwinsville Girl Scout creates wheelchair water bottle holders for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital was highlighted on Syracuse.com (July 23

Lafayette CSD Class of 2020 donates senior class funds to Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital was featured on a NewsChannel 9 report (July 21).

Jana Shaw was interviewed for the Syracuse.com story Coronavirus: Teachers worried about schools reopening say they’re preparing wills (July 16).

 Jana Shaw's participation in a Facebook live chat with Syracuse.com is focus of the story Upstate pediatrician: Opening schools not 100 percent safe, but benefits outweigh the risk. (July 16).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Vox story Covid-19 vaccine trials are showing promising results. A lot can still go wrong (July 16).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the story on Safety concerns persist as IOC says Olympics without fans ‘something we don’t want’  broadcast on Nexstar affiliates across the country, including NewsChannel 9.

Stephen Thomas and Frank Middleton were interviewed for the CNY Central story on
An inside look at COVID-19 research labs at Upstate Medical University (July 15).

Frank Middleton was interviewed for the WRVO story on Researchers working on pool testing for colleges to test returning students (July 15).

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul's visit to Upstate was featured in the NewsChannel 9 story Lt. Gov. tours Upstate labs researching ways to contain COVID-19 (July 14).

Elizabeth Domachowske was interview by WAER-FM88 for the story After Years Of Work, Local Advocates See New Legislation To Prevent Lead Poisoning (July 14)

Jana Shaw was interview by NewsChannel 9 for the story New study finds that children may be less likely to transmit COVID-19, but caution needed that ran on Nexstar affiliates across the country (July 13).

Jana Shaw was interviewed for the Syracuse.com story Cuomo sets test for school reopenings: How CNY’s grade fares (July 13).

Jana Shaw was interview by CNY Central for the story What to expect at Destiny USA after mall reopens (July 9).

Robert Gregory featured in Psychiatric News for the story Innovative Suicide Prevention Program Using Psychotherapy Shows Early Success about his role in developing dynamic destructive psychotherapy, which is currently used in Upstate's Psychiatry High Risk Program (June 2020).

Gregory Conners's appointment to the AAP's Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine was featured in the Central New York Business Journal (July 10).

Stephen Thomas writes in Forbes on Should We Experimentally Infect People With Covid-19 To Speed Up Vaccine Development? (July 8).

Frank Middleton was interview by Syracuse.com for the article How will Syracuse University test 20,000 students for coronavirus? By pooling their saliva. (July 8).

Jennalee Cizenski spoke with NewsChannel 9 and CNYCentral about how to stay cool during summer as COVID-19 restricts some businesses from opening (July 7).

Jana Shaw was interview for a Syracuse.com story on 2 CNY kids contracted rare, potentially deadly side effect of coronavirus, MIS-C (July 3).

Jana Shaw spoke to News Channel 9 about taking precautions against COVID-19 with children (July 6).

William Paolo spoke with NewsChannel 9 about staying safe during the July 4th holiday (July 3).

Previous coverage

Tamara Roberts spoke with Spectrum News about the increase in hospital admissions for burn injuries related to careless activity around fires. She also urged caution in using legal fireworks (July 2).

NewsChannel 9 covered Upstate University Hospital's call for increased safety around July fourth celebrations, noting that burn injuries admissions were way up over last month: Upstate sees more burn injuries in June, but it's not what you think (July 2).

Stephen Thomas was interviewed on the risk of COVID-19 in gyms for a report on CNY Central (June 30). 

The Upstate Mammography Van was noted in the Oneida Dispatch story: Another mobile COVID-19 testing clinic available July 2 in Madison County (June 30). 

Steven Knoll was quoted in the CBC coverage of Nova Scotia gunman liquidated assets, stockpiled gas and food due to COVID fears, RCMP says (June 29).

Ruth Weinstock was noted as one of the contributors to a study on "Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn't prove out in clinical trial" published in sciencemag. org and other online journals.

Kathryn Anderson discussed the new Upstate study that will monitor individuals living with COVID-19 positive family members with CNY Central, News Channel 9,  WRVO, CNY Business Journal. Anderson was also quoted in coverage by Syracuse.com/Post-Standard. (June 24).  The study was also highlighted in Politico.

Scott Ulberg penned the commentary that appeared in Syracuse.com/Post-Standard: Now that the crisis has passed, vulnerable kids need in-person counseling (June 24).

Suzanne Brisk was a guest NewsChannel 9’s Bridge Street discussing the importance of hydrating on National Hydration Day (June 23).

Robert Corona is featured on Becker’s Healthcare Podcast, discusses his journey to becoming CEO, his advice to people trying to develop their career, and more (June 18).

Rome Sentinel and News Channel 9 reported on a visit by Upstate Medical University Mammography Van visit to Wampsville to conduct COVID-19 testing (June 16).

Stephen Thomas was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 during the evening news to provide an update on COVID-19 in the community (June 15).

Ronald Pies cowrote Psychiatric Diagnosis 2.0: The Myth of the Symptom Checklist that appears online in Psychology Today. (June 14).

An Upstate study, led by Margaret Turk, on the COVD-19 death rate for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities, was noted in a Westchester Journal News article about group home visitation restrictions (June 13).

Patricia Goodyear and her work on the frontlines of COVID-19 at Queens Central Hospital was featured in Syracuse.com/Post-Standard (June 13).

Stephen Thomas is quoted in the Reuters article about How a vaccine made of mosquito spit could help stop the next pandemic (June 11).

Owen Shapiro appeared on NewsChannel 9's Bridge Street to discuss a new treatment technique, SpaceOAR Hydrogel, to prostate cancer patients (June 11).

Stephen Thomas appeared on NewsChannel 9's Newsmakers program (June 11) and Bridge Street (June 15) to discuss the COVD-19 (June 11).

Stephen Thomas discussed the potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 in large gatherings for a report on WAER radio (June 8).

Margaret Turk was interviewed about her study on the COVID-19 mortality rate by Spectrum News (June 11). The study was also covered by Rome Sentinel, Syracuse.com/Post-Standard and various national media, such as U.S. News and World Report.

CNY Central reported on Upstate Mammography Van on the road to Madison County for COVID testing. (June 10).

Paul Waltz is featured in coverage from NewsChannel 9 on Upstate's rally in support of Black Lives Matter (June 7).

Saravanan Thangamani told WRVO News "we are seeing an increase in Lyme positive ticks" during an interview for a story on the restart of the Citizen Science Tick Testing program.

NewsChannel 9 Upstate workers show support for protestors as the Black Lives Matter movement march passed Upstate University Hospital (June 8).

Coverage on Upstate Mammography Van providing COVID-19 testing was featured in the Rome Sentinel, Observer-Dispatch, NewsChannel 9.

Ronald Pies authored What is Meant by a Psychiatric Diagnosis in Psychology Today online (June 7).

Saravanan Thangamani was interviewed about the restart of the Citizen Science Tick Project by WAER FM88, Syracuse.com/Post-Standard and NewsChannel 9.

Stuart Wright is quoted in a Syracuse.com/Post-Standard story on Patients, workers are coming back to Syracuse hospitals; the financial bleeding continues (June 1)

Stephen Thomas was quoted in a story for Syracuse.com/Post-Standard and other Advance Publication websites: No-symptom cases grow here: What is coronavirus’ puzzling, risky wild card telling us?

Mobile testing clinic with Upstate Mammography van returns to Madison County (Rome Sentinel, June 1).

SUNY Upstate brings mobile COVID-19 testing back to Madison County (News Channel 9, June 1).

William Paolo is quoted in a story on CNY Business Journal on Upstate University Hospital offers same day virtual emergency room visits (May 27).

Amy Tucker was quoted in a Syracuse.com/Post-Standard story on Dozens of coronavirus patients well enought to leave Syracuse hospitals stuck in limbo (May 23).

William Paolo was interviewed for a CNYCentral story on Upstate University Hospital now offering virtual emergency room visits (May 22).

William Paolo was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 for a story on Upstate University Hospital launches same-day Telehealth services (May 21).

Oswego County, Upstate Medical University partner to provide COVID 19 testing (Watertown Daily Times, May 21).

Upstate University Hospital's mammography van to be used for covid-19 testing in CNY Business Journal (May 20).

Coverage on the mammography van being used for covid-19 also appeared in News Channel 9, CNY Central and Spectrum News, Oneida Daily Dispatch, and Syracuse.com

Jana Shaw was interviewed for a story on the likelihood of spreading the coronavirus while enjoying outdoors in CNY Central (May 20).

Birendra Sah was interviewed for the Syracuse.com/Post-Standard story CNY man battling coronavirus told doctors: 'This farmer isn't going down easy.' (May 21).

Terry Culbertson, Amir Duric, Charles Stewart, Linda Mulrooney were quoted in the Syracuse.com/Post-Standard story For may coronavirus victims in CNY's hospitals, these are the last reassuring voices they hear. (May 21).

A letter to the editor written by Ann Botash and Lisa Pekarsky on Child abuse doesn't stop during a crisis, but reporting it often does was featured on Syracuse.com/Post-Standard May 15.

Stephen Thomas writes in Forbes about There are though financial days ahead for U.S. healthcare in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic (May 18).

Saravanan Thangamani was interviewed for the Syracuse.com/Post-Standard story 'Aggressive' lone star tick invades CNY, raising fears of new diseases (May 14).

Patricia Goodyear is profiled in the CNY Central story Local Army Reserve nurse serving on the frontlines in New York City (May 14).

Kristopher Paolino was interviewed for the Syracuse.com/Post-Standard story Upstate Medical running three experiments on coronavirus drug touted by Trump (May 13).

Alicia Pekarsky was interviewed for the story A bad decline: child abuse reports drop across New York during pandemic (May 12).

Siobhan Keough and Cheryl  Waldron were interviewed by Spectrum News for the story Upstate University Hospital nurses aim to make a difference (May 12).

Mike Fegley and Kristin Bruce were interviewed for the NewsChannel 9 story Syracuse Chinese Community donates thousands of PPE to local hospitals (May 7).

Nancy Page was interviewed by NewsChannel 9 for the story Onondaga County Sheriff's deputies pay tribute to nurses at Upstate University Hospital (May 6).

Stephen Thomas was interviewed by ABC News affiliates for the story Olympic athletes balance coronavirus training challenges as future of Games uncertain (May 5).

Jana Shaw was interviewed by CNY Central for the story 15 children hospitalized in NYC with mysterious illness believe to be linked to COVID-19 (May 5).