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Banners highlighting pioneering women physicians decorate Weiskotten Hall courtyard

Eight banners highlighting pioneering women physicians who have graduated from Upstate Medical University or its predecessor institutions now decorate the light poles in the Weiskotten Hall courtyard.

The banners serve as reminder of how coed medical education grew after Elizabeth Blackwell was awarded her medical degree 175 years ago, in 1849.

The banner tribute includes Inez A. Bentley, Class of 1885, who served as assistant director of American Women’s Hospitals in France during World War I to Ellen Cook Jacobsen, Class of 1950, the first woman instructor in the College of Medicine, who established the first employee health service at Upstate.

Others depicted on the banners include Clara H. Gregory, MD (Class of 1912), Hannah Hu, MD (Class of 1930), Irene M. Dunn, MD (Class of 1909), Eva Alma Thornton, MD (Class of 1926), Francis Adams, MD (Class of 1906) and Miriam Swift, MD (Class of 1943).

For information on these women and other pioneering women in medicine and science at Upstate, go here.

Caption: Banners highlighting pioneering women physicians decorate the Weiskotten Hall courtyard.