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Upstate expands hyperbaric medicine services with acquisition of new chamber

Upstate University Hospital has installed its third hyperbaric chamber to expand its services to patients undergoing hyperbaric medical treatment.

The delivery last week featured a crew moving the 2,220-pound tank into newly renovated space for hyperbaric medicine on the first floor of the West Wing of the hospital

The new chamber has a fully integrated entertainment system that allows patients to watch television, movies and listen to music. The chamber is 106 inches long, 35.5 inches in diameter.

Sarah Seargant, MS, RN, CHRNC, who serves as wound care and hyperbaric manager and hyperbaric safety officer, said another new chamber is expected to be installed within the year, which will significantly increase opportunities for patients to get this specialized care.

According to Seargant, Upstate is the only hyperbaric medical service outside of New York City that provides 24-hour critical care hyperbaric treatment, such as for individuals with carbon monoxide poisoning. Upstate also provides routine hyperbaric medical care.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy exposes patients to 100 percent oxygen at higher-than-normal atmospheric pressure, resulting in a higher concentration of oxygen in the blood and tissues, improving the efficiency of the white blood cells and certain antibiotics and helping promote the healing process in chronic wounds. The treatment is given in a chamber and can last up to two hours.

Caption: The new hyperbaric chamber, delivered last week, will enable Upstate to treat more patients with hyperbaric therapy.