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How to remember to get your mammogram? Make an appointment with your sister—or sisters in the case of Julia Chester

One way to remember to get your mammogram is to set up an appointment with your sister—or sisters in the case of Julia Chester.

On Oct. 12, Julia, Susan, Dianne and Nancy drove to Solvay to get their annual mammograms at the Upstate Mammography Van. The sisters range in age from 59 to 67.

“It’s become a tradition,” said Julia of connecting with her sisters to get an annual mammogram. “And we go to lunch together when we’re done.”

The first appointment for Julia and her sisters was at 9:45 a.m. Every 15 minutes another Chester sister entered the van. After just over an hour, the quartet was done. 

“Getting a mammogram on the van is so effortless,” Julia said. “All the paperwork is completed before you arrive. We took advantage of the lovely weather and waited outside the van for our turn to be screened.”

The mobile unit provides high-quality, low-dose, 3-D screening mammograms, just like those available at all of Upstate's breast imaging locations. The images are read by Upstate University Hospital's board-certified Women's Imaging radiologists. 

Upstate’s Mobile Mammography program begin with a grant from Health Research Inc. and the New York Department of Health; it is now supported by Upstate Medical University.

Screening mammography on the mobile unit is available for women 40 and over with no recent breast complications. Women who are having problems with their breasts (lumps found, nipple discharge) should contact their physician to discuss options. 

Upstate’s Mobile Mammography Van has numerous visits planned this fall throughout Central and Upstate New York. A complete listing of dates is here.

And there were parting gifts, too, for the women. Each woman received a complimentary Upstate gift bag with lots of knick knacks.

“That was nice touch,” Julia said.


Caption: Sisters Nancy, Dianne, Julia and Susan received their mammograms during the Upstate Mammography Van's stop in Solvay.