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Upstate opens new specialized center for comprehensive treatment of headaches

One of the most common medical complaints—the headache—is the focus of a new clinic at Upstate Medical University.

The 3,800-square-foot Headache Center and Infusion Clinic, located in the Upstate Bone and Joint Center, is now accepting new patient referrals.

Neurologist Awss Zidan, MD, who serves as the center’s co-director with neurologist Ioana Medrea, MD, said headache accounts for one in 10 primary care visits and one in three neurology referrals. Migraine alone is estimated to affect 11 percent of the population, and can be a major limitation in quality of life, and a contributor to the incidence of disability.

“Upstate has recognized the need for a dedicated comprehensive headache center to provide the optimum care for these patients in our community,” Zidan said. “This state-of-art facility is specifically designed and built in keeping with the special needs for our headache patients.”

The comprehensive headache center provides multidisciplinary care to headache patients.

Patients will see specialty-trained neurologists and headache providers, who can evaluate and manage the variety of headache and facial pain conditions, such as migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia.

In addition to headache specialists, Upstate Headache Center provides a complete line of treatments for headache patients, including intravenous infusions, and head and neck procedures that can alleviate their pain.

“At Upstate Headache Center, we look beyond the sole symptom of headache, and work closely with physical therapists to address all musculoskeletal sources of pain, and psychotherapists to strengthen the mind health and reduces the mental burden of chronic headache and pain,” Zidan said.

The facility features 12 infusion chairs and four private exam rooms. In addition to Zidan and Medrea, the medical staff includes Rosamma Joseph, MD; physician assistant Sandy Gibson: nurse practitioners Deborah Bedford, Kelly Stewart, Stephanie Garland; and registered nurse Rebecca Rassmussen.

The Upstate Headache Center is located at 6620 Fly Road, East Syracuse.

Caption: Co-directors of the Upstate Headache Center are Ioana Medrea, MD, left, and Awass Zidan, MD.