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Community Giving Campaign seeks support

Join Upstate's Community Giving Campaign to help hundreds of United Way/SEFA agencies

Upstate is acknowledging the more than 1,000 employees who have participated in the campaign (Upstate’s Mid-Campaign Report is available here) to tackle serious challenges such as poverty, addiction, abuse.

Individuals can still participate in the Community Giving Campaign and have their names included in the Final Campaign Report. Giving can be done online or using a paper form. Details on how to give are available here.

One agency that is making a difference in the community and for individuals connected to Upstate is On Point for College.

Zakiya Moss, MS, FNP, was supported by On Point for College since high school, graduating as a nurse practitioner from Upstate’s College of Nursing. She now works at a clinic on Syracuse’s westside.

On Point for College has helped more than 11,000 first-generation youth enter and stay in college, graduate and succeed.

On Point for College does just about everything to assist in the college process, helping students select a college, fill out applications, prep for interviews, driving to campus tours and getting them settled in their residence halls. On Point for College volunteers stay connected throughout the student’s academic career, and most rewarding, are able to attend graduation.

Interfaith Works is another local charity that is supported by the Upstate community.

Founded in 1976, Interfaith Works aimed to build bridges of understanding among people of different religions and across racial divides.  Important work, no doubt, but the agency the added social service programs to address the needs of people who are vulnerable, low-income, targets of oppression, and refugees who arrive through the federal refugee resettlement programs, fleeing war, political repression, and famine.

One of the agency’s best-known programs is its Center for New Americans, which resettles refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as well as those asylees from many other countries, helping refugees and immigrant families integrate into their new communities.

The center provides English classes, employment preparation and immigration, medical case management, mental health services, cultural orientation, referrals and community navigation services.

Programs to address the needs of frail elderly, of those in prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes, and programs to address hunger and housing also are a part of InterFaith Works

The complete resource for the Community Giving Campaign can be found here. This site contains the nuts and bolts of the campaign, including a list of campaign representatives for each department and a list of charities and funds to support.