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Trustees laud Upstate

Upstate, Interim President Dewan receive commendation from SUNY Board of Trustees for exceptional leadership in combating COVID-19 pandemic

The State University of New York Board of Trustees has issued a commendation to Upstate Medical University and Interim President Mantosh Dewan, MD, for their “exceptional leadership in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The commendation, offered by SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras, was approved by the board at its meeting today. A copy of the commendation is here.

The commendation cited Upstate’s extensive work in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, from its clinical trials for vaccines and treatments, to wastewater testing and its breakthrough work on pooled surveillance testing and a saliva diagnostic test to rapidly identify COVID-19 cases on SUNY campuses.

Pooled surveillance testing, a collaborative effort between Upstate and its Start Up New York partner, Quadrant Biosciences, is now used at many SUNY campuses and has the capacity to test more than 15,000 samples per day.

The commendation lauded Dewan for his work in advancing the technological and scientific research to ensure the ability of SUNY campuses to continue providing “world class education and student services in the face of a global pandemic” and further recognized members of the Upstate community and their “steadfast commitment to keeping our students, campuses and communities safe.” 

Malatras made two visits to the Upstate campus this month to see firsthand the pooled saliva testing and wastewater testing procedures.

On his visit last week to the Upstate campus, Malatras announced that SUNY had helped Upstate acquire COVID-19 testing machines to increase its COVID-19 testing capacity.