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Foundation expands support for COVID-19

Upstate Foundation seeks donations to assist in time of Coronavirus crisis; expands opportunities to support

The Upstate Foundation is seeking contributions to help Upstate Medical University employees, patients and students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the Foundation has more than 1,000 funds, three are aimed at specifically helping during the Coronavirus pandemic:


Upstate Foundation Support of Upstate Employees Fund #47681

To provide support for Upstate employees with unmet needs such as child and elder care expenses, and food. There is a $200 limit per family, although exceptions may be made for additional support.


Student Retention Emergency Fund #44555

To provide financial assistance to Upstate students who experience sudden and /or significant financial hardship that may impact their ability to remain in school. Emergency assistance to students will not exceed $1,000 per hardship.


Virtual Visitation Fund for Upstate Patients #47985

To provide electronic devices for patient use so that they may keep in contact with loved ones since there are currently severe visitor restrictions in the hospital. These devices will also be used to provide distractions for patients such as reading, browsing the web, watching videos and listening to music.


“We have been inundated with requests and want to help everyone to largest extent possible,” said Eileen Pezzi, vice president for development at Upstate. “For instance, the Foundation’s fund for employee support initially served nurses and workers in the department of environmental services, but the need was so great we expanded it to make assistance available to any Upstate Medical University employee. With added contributions, we were also able to increase the amount of support we provide.”


To make a contribution, please visit https://www.upstatefoundation.org/covid-19