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Upstate receives Komen grant to support breast cancer education, awareness at Syracuse Housing Authority

Upstate receives Komen grant to support breast cancer education, awareness at Syracuse Housing Authority

SYRACUSE, N.Y.-- The Upstate Cancer Center will use a $24,900 grant from the Susan G. Komen CNY Affiliate to expand its breast cancer education and awareness program at three Syracuse Housing Authority properties: Pioneer Homes, Almus Oliver Towers and Toomey Abbott Towers.

The education and outreach programming is part of Upstate’s She Matters program, which was launched in 2014 to expand mammography screening and enhance knowledge and understanding of breast cancer, its symptoms and warning signs, and general wellness.

Since the program began, Komen has provided more than $120,000 in funding.

“We’re grateful for the support of Komen on this important initiative to improve the health of individuals in our community,” said Linda Veit, MPH, director of She Matters and special projects manager at the Upstate Cancer Center. “Komen’s support is allowing us to fight cancer on the frontlines, by empowering women with information and access to breast cancer screening services.”

Veit said the program has been a success. Since its inception, the program has interacted with more than 470 women living in these SHA properties, with nearly 200 undergoing routine mammograms.

“We are fortunate to have Upstate’s medical expertise and Komen’s kindness in helping us build a healthier community,” said William J. Simmons, executive director of the Syracuse Housing Authority.  “Through their efforts, we can save the life of a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, neighbor, and win the fight against cancer.”

Ongoing support for She Matters comes from the Syracuse Housing Authority, Pioneer Homes Tenant Association, Healthy Neighbors Partnership Advisory Committee, Upstate Medical University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Upstate’s President’s Office. Additional support comes from Upstate’s departments of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Radiology, the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Program, the College of Medicine, the Upstate Cancer Center and The Upstate Foundation, which is administering the grant.