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Video highlights Upstate experience for potential faculty, staff

Alison McCrone

SYRACUSE, N.Y.-- Upstate Medical University has launched a video that will serve as a faculty recruitment resource for the Office of Faculty Affairs and academic departments. The video aims to give prospective faculty a firsthand look at Upstate in hopes that they will like what they see and consider exploring open positions more thoroughly.

The video, available for viewing on Upstate’s “Join the faculty” website, as well as on YouTube, highlights Upstate’s faculty, facilities and other aspects of working at Upstate through a series of unscripted interviews of newer members of the faculty. Faculty members varying in age, ethnicity, and gender shared their sentiments on living and working in the city of Syracuse, and their experiences teaching the high caliber Upstate students.

“The ideas behind what areas to highlight, came from meetings with various faculty members,” said Paula Trief, Ph.D., professor and associate dean for faculty affairs and faculty development, who headed up the project.

“I had held several meetings some time ago with our faculty from minority groups, asking them why they had come to Upstate and what it’s been like for them here,” Trief said. “When they shared why they came here, themes emerged, which included the opportunity to teach, excel and thrive; new program develop; the expansive reach of Upstate; and the excellent quality of life in Central New York that makes it a suitable place to raise a family.”

For example, Andrea Viczian, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Center for Vision Research, offered insight into Upstate’s research support: “At Upstate, we have core facilities in which we have instruments that have the latest technology available, as well as having the experts that help you run that technology so that you can do your research as efficiently and as quickly as you’d like,” she said. “That’s something you don’t get at other universities.”

While various faculty members shared their love for Central New York, including snow in the winter and warm sunshine in the summer, Apurv Khanna, M.D., mentioned the area’s affordability and ease of living: “Syracuse has all the amenities that one would sort of want in a bigger city, but you don’t have to deal with all the traffic, and the very expensive real estate,” he said.

Others talked about the benefits of Upstate being an academic medical center where faculty have opportunities to provide patient care, teach and also support medical breakthroughs. The video is filled with footage of campus facilities and employees as they go about their daily routines. The visuals highlighting Syracuse feature the New York State Fair, college athletics, downtown Syracuse nightlife and the area’s natural beauty.

In addition to Viczian and Khanna, other faculty featured in the video are Debashis Ghosh, Ph.D.; Andrew Kaufman, M.D.; Alison McCrone, M.D.; Frederick Sengstacke, M.D.; Jonathan Riddell, M.D.; Zulma Tovar Spinoza, M.D.; and Renee Williams, M.D.

Trief said the video, which will also be available on DVD, helps Upstate makes its case to potential faculty members.

While the video was developed to aid in faculty recruitment, students and other potential employees can also benefit from seeing it.

“We think it’s important for potential employees to hear from others who have chosen to work here about what Upstate Medical University offers and what it’s like living in this area,” Trief said. “I’m pleased with the story we are able to tell.”

Caption: Alison McCrone, M.D, medical director of Upstate After Hours Care, is one of nine faculty members featured in Upstate’s faculty video.