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Upstate acquires state-of-the-art IV robotic technology

Upstate acquires state-of-the-art IV robotic technology

SYRACUSE, N.Y.-- To enhance patient safety, Upstate University Hospital has acquired a highly specialized medical technology, RivA (robotic IV automation), to ensure for the precise and accurate preparation and tracking of intravenous (IV) solutions for pediatric and adult patients.

Upstate is one of the first hospitals in New York state to install IV robotic technology.

“This technology continues to position Upstate as a leader in Central New York as we continue to provide safe, efficient, effective care to all of our patients,” said John McCabe, MD, chief executive officer of Upstate University Hospital.

Through RivA, medications are prepared by an automated robot in a sealed, sanitized, air-controlled environment that meets regulatory standards. The system, located in a specially constructed “clean room” in the hospital’s Pharmacy Department, meets government standards for preparing sterile solutions. RivA has the ability to operate 24 hours a day with little human intervention.

According to Steven Ciullo, Upstate’s Pharmacy Services director, RivA allows for a level of accuracy and consistency that goes beyond what can be accomplished manually when it comes to preparing sterile IV medications that are dispensed in syringes or IV bags.

“This is especially important when preparing pediatric IV medications that contain very small doses of potent drugs,” said Ciullo. “RivA greatly reduces the risk of medication error in that it gives us the ability to more accurately validate that the correct drug and concentration is being used based on geometric analysis of the drug containers, bar-code validation and specific gravity measurements.”

In addition to improved patient safety, the hospital will also realize a savings of up to $500,000 a year. “Before RivA, we needed to outsource the compounding of certain IV solutions,” said Ciullo. “We are now able to perform this function at Upstate.”

RivA is a product of Intelligent Hospital Systems of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Currently, Upstate is using RivA to prepare non-chemotherapeutic solutions. Ciullo says that the Pharmacy Department has plans to install a second RivA system that will prepare IV chemotherapy medication for cancer patients in the new Upstate Cancer Center, scheduled to open in 2013.

Caption: RivA prepares an IV medication with precision and accuracy.