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Upstate receives $150,000 grant from Baldwin Foundation

SYRACUSE, N.Y.— The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation has awarded Upstate Medical University $150,000 to support breast cancer research.

Six researchers with the Upstate Cancer Research Institute were presented checks for $25,000 to help fund an array of research, including the development of new drug therapies and a noninvasive painless, risk-free virtual breast biopsy.

Researchers awarded funding are Bryan S. Margulies, Ph.D.; Adrzej Krol, Ph.D.; Kenneth Mann, Ph.D.; Ying Huang, M.D., Ph.D.; Bernard J. Poiesz, M.D.; Jing An, M.D., Ph.D.

"The Baldwin Foundation has been a steadfast partner with Upstate in the fight against breast cancer," said Ziwei Huang, director of the Upstate Cancer Research Institute. "The foundation's ongoing support brings us that much closer to better treatments and better lives for cancer patients."

Since 2002, the Baldwin Foundation has awarded more than $1.4 million to Upstate cancer researchers, and has endowed an annual lecture named in honor of a cancer survivor.

The Upstate Cancer Research Institute (CRI), which opened last year, serves as the hub of Upstate's cancer research with ongoing work, such as cancer biology, structural and chemical biology and bioinformatics, viral oncology, stem cell research and drug discovery and translational research.