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Flu prompts University Hospital to limit visitors

Due to widespread flu activity in the Syracuse area, University Hospital is encouraging visitors who are ill to refrain from visiting patients.

University Hospital is asking anyone with flu-like symptoms--fever, body aches, stuffy nose or a cold--not to visit patients.

"A visitor to the hospital who does not feel well is putting others who are already compromised at risk of getting the flu," said Frederick Rose, M.D., the hospital's epidemiologist.

Rose said the move is for everyone's well-being. "We are seeing widespread flu activity throughout the Syracuse community, and asking ill visitors to stay away may help us keep the flu from spreading even more."

The visitor restriction will remain in place until flu cases drop substantially.

A dozen patients diagnosed with the flu have been admitted to University Hospital so far this flu season. Last year, the hospital admitted only six patients with the flu.

Individuals wishing to reach a friend or family member by phone may call an individual patient room or contact patient information at 464-5158.