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SUNY Upstate nurse receives Outstanding Achievement Award from state AIDS Institute

Camillus resident Lyn Stevens, an AIDS-certtified nurse and HIV training coordinator for SUNY Upstate Medical University's HIV Clinical Education Initiative (CEI), received the first Outstanding Achievement Award from the New York state Department of Health's AIDS Institute. The award was based on continuity and frequency of on-site trainings at community sites; innovation; and marketing and promotion of the CEI mission.

Stevens, coordinates and provides HIV education to healthcare professionals in a 13-county region. Her program responds to the clinical education needs of community providers, promoting access by patients with HIV disease to quality services across thecontinuum of health care in their communities. In this role she provides information on current therapy for HIV disease, new regulations and standards of care.

"Lyn Stevens used great innovation in the development of pharmacy trainings, reaching out to college health centers, conducting technology surveys with community physicians, developing an outstanding web-site, and promoting CEI nationally," said Bruce Agins, M.D., medical director of the AIDS Institute.

SUNY Upstate's HIV CEI is an initiative of its Designated AIDS Center and one of 11 sites funded by the New York State Health Department.