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SUNY Upstate President Eastwood issues statement regarding terrorist attacks

The following statement was issued by Gregory L. Eastwood, M.D., president of SUNY Upstate Medical University today (Sept. 12, 2001):

The extraordinary tragedies of yesterday in New York City, Washington, D.C., and southwestern Pennsylvania have affected all of us deeply and permanently. My heart goes out especially to those of you whose loved ones or friends have been involved.

One of the enduring characteristics that people have is the ability not only to survive catastrophe but to prevail. In times like these our best human qualities emerge and amidst confusion and uncertainty we apply our skills and goodwill to help those who need it.

On that point I am very pleased with the responses that we have made as an institution and as individuals. We have mustered our considerable resources, human and otherwise, to address needs that still are being clarified. I am gratified, but not surprised, at the efficiency with which we have responded and at the broad outpouring of help.

Also, we have a great need to support one another at this time, not only in carrying out the practical business of what we are doing, but in sharing our grief and concerns. For the students, Drs. Greg Keating and Brett Steenbarger have indicated their willingness to be available at any time. For faculty and employees, in addition to the usual means of access, many of us will be available. I encourage anyone who needs someone to talk with or other help to seek it.

I am very proud of the people at Upstate and I congratulate each of you for what you have done already and for what you will do over the next days and weeks.