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OASIS' HealthStages curriculum focuses on mind, body and spirit

The OASIS Center invites Central New Yorkers aged 55 years and older to participate in its HealthStages curriculum. HealthStages is the umbrella title of the organization's health and wellness programs.

According to HealthStages Administrator Jacqueline Jackson-Young, HealthStages provides opportunities for and support to older adults who wish to maintain their current level of health and develop healthy patterns as part of a balanced lifestyle.

"We assess our participants' current activity level, health conditions and perceptions about health and aging in order to develop courses and activities that foster their independence and promote healthy living," said Jackson-Young.

HealthStages' curriculum offers knowledge/skill building courses across seven health topics: nutrition, exercise and movement, chronic disease management, management of sensory changes, stress management/mental health, memory improvement, and general health promotion & disease prevention for older adults.

"Participants enroll in classes based on their personal level of readiness to address a health risk or concern. They complete a health risk appraisal to identify their potential health risks, while a personalized workbook is used to create an action plan for addressing health risks," she said.

"Participants then enroll in courses that foster a more specific understanding of the health area they wish to address. Maintenance courses are offered to promote continuation or the extension of activities that maintain or improve skill, function or health status. Ultimately, we will evaluate the impact and outcomes of the HealthStages program as an older adult health promotion strategy," said Jackson-Young.

The OASIS Center is an affiliate of the national adult education membership organization, The OASIS Institute. It is sponsored locally by University Hospital of the SUNY Upstate Medical University and Kaufmann's Department Store, a division of the May Department Stores Company.

Membership to OASIS is free. Members receive the OASIS course catalog by mail three times a year. One nominal tuition fee per trimester covers most classes, although some classes may have an additional material or class charge.

To learn more about OASIS or to enroll in HealthStages, call 315-464-6555.