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SUNY Upstate's Annual Report wins top rating

SUNY Upstate Medical University's 1999 Annual Report was rated as the best annual report by an academic medical center by Profiles in Healthcare Marketing, a publication that yearly rates the annual reports of the nation's hospitals, medical centers and medical schools. The announcement of the award appears in this month's issue of Profiles in Healthcare Marketing.

Annual reports were judged on overall impression, the goal of the report and how well it conveyed information and its appearance, such as the the cover and interior design and use of color and graphic elements.

Judges praised the overall appearance of SUNY Upstate's Annual Report, especially the Year in Review section. "[This] section, unlike those in some reports, uses full-size type, lively headlines and professional photos," noted the judges. "The result is a section that seems more like news than history."

Judges also gave high marks to the writing, especially statements attributed to several SUNY Upstate administrators on the merits of research. "Some of the statements, only a paragraph long, are written so well as to stimulate the scientific imagination of any prospective student, " they said. The panel of judges was composed of journalists, marketers, printing and graphic design specialists.

The report was produced by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. Credits include: Leah Caldwell, concept and writing supervision; Rebecca Janowski, design and art direction; Leslie Eimas and Denise Harrigan, writing; Year in Review, Darryl Geddes. Editorial supervision was provided by Susan Keeter and Melanie Rich.