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Researcher noted for his work on brian development to join SUNY Upstate and the VA Medical Center

Michael W. Miller, Ph.D., a researcher noted for his study of the developing brain, has been named professor and chair of the Department of Neuroscience and Physiology at SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Miller's appointment, effective immediately, was made by SUNY Upstate President Gregory L. Eastwood, M.D., acting on a recommendation from Provost and Vice Dean Kenneth Barker, Ph.D.

Miller succeeds Jim Preston, who stepped down as chair in 1990. Serving as interim chairs since were Alexander Bortoff, Larry Stoner and Russell Durkovic.

In addition to his SUNY Upstate appointment Miller will serve a Research Career Scientist with the Veterans Affairs Administration Medical Center in Syracuse.

"We are pleased to have Dr. Miller as a member of our faculty," said Barker. "Dr. Miller is a well-funded, well-published scientist who not only brings to SUNY Upstate his outstanding record in research, but also his ability as an accomplished administrator and faculty member."

Miller joins SUNY Upstate from the University of Iowa College of Medicine where he has served since 1993 as a professor in the departments of psychiatry and pharmacology. He served as a Research Career Scientist for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City, Iowa, since 1994.

Miller brings to SUNY Upstate more than $3 million in research grants, much of it dedicated to the study of the effect of alcohol on brain cells, fetal alcohol syndrome and alcohol neurotoxicity. His grant support comes from the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse and the Department of Veterans Affairs. His research interests include, the cerebral cortex, developmental neurobiology, growth factors, neuronal death, neuronal plasticity and neurotoxicology.

Miller has been published widely in publications such as Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Comparative Neurology, Journal of Neurochemistry, Developmental Brain Research and Alcoholism: Clinical Experimental Research, where he served as associate editor from 1995-98.

Miller is a member of numerous committees and societies, including service on various NIH Grant Review Study Sections, the Research Society on Alcoholism, and the Society for Neuroscience.

He earned his bachelor's degree from Tufts University in 1974, a master's degree from City College of New York in 1976 and his doctorate in biomedical sciences from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York in 1979.

Miller resides in Manlius.