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Gamma Knife Ranks University Hospital of SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse as a Leader in Brain Surgery

University Hospital of the SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse has unveiled its new Leksell Gamma Knife, regarded as the world's most sophisticated neuro-surgery tool. The non-invasive Gamma Knife delivers highly precise - and highly effective - doses of radiation to intracranial lesions such as tumors and arterial venous malformations. Only two other Gamma Knives are operational in New York State (32 available nationwide). The Gamma Knife is housed in University Hospital's Central New York Gamma Knife Center, adjacent to the main entrance to the hospital.

Gamma Knife surgery involves no incision and features a stereotactic, helmet-like headframe that precisely directs beams of radiation toward an intracranial target. The radiation is programmed to affect only the target area where the rays converge and otherwise passes harmlessly through the skull and surrounding tissue.

The key to the Gamma Knife's precision is advanced computer software, which fuses CT and MRI scans to create a three-dimensional picture of its target. Radiation is plotted and delivered by a team of physicians, including a radiation oncologist, neurosurgeon, and medical physicist.

A major advantage of Gamma Knife radiosurgery is its minimal discomfort for patients. Most patients require only a one-night stay in the hospital post procedure for monitoring and observation and may resume normal activity within several days.

For more information about Gamma Knife radiosurgery, contact University Hospital's Health Connections at 464-8668 or (800) 464-8668.