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Endowments and Funds

You can make a difference.

Your financial contribution directly supports our mission to improve the health of the communities that we serve. You can make a difference by donating to our Neurosurgery funds for education, biomedical research and patient care.

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Neurosurgery Patient Care Funds & Endowments





Surgical Learning and Rehearsal Laboratory Fund

To develop a technical teaching laboratory and provide ongoing support.


Brain Tumor Research Laboratory Fund

To support the Brain Tumor Research Laboratory


Friends of Neurosurgery Fund

To provide support for Neurosurgery relating to areas of patient care, equipment/technology, education and research


Charles J. Hodge Jr. M.D. Society Fund

To support resident education


Sean Huckins Memorial Fund

To support the interests of Mr. Sean Huckins in the areas of working as a research scientist, functional neurosurgery, and medical illustrations..


Hydrocephalus Research Fund

To support clinical and basic science research in hydrocephalus


Neurosurgery Research & Education Memorial Fund

To support neurosurgery research and resident education


Neurosurgical Teaching Laboratory Fund

To develop a technical teaching laboratory and provide ongoing support


Neurosurgical Outcomes Fund

To support research relating to neurosurgical methods and outcomes


Louise Blackwell Endowment

To support Neuroscience and Neurosurgery


Multidisciplinary Brain Tumor Clinic & Research Laboratory Endowment

To support a multidisciplinary brain tumor clinic and research laboratory to optimally treat patients and support families. May also be used for educational purposes such as lectureships


Robert B. and Molly G. King Endowed Professorship in Neurosurgery

To support an endowed professorship in Neurosurgery


George W. Perkins III Memorial Endowment for Neurosurgery

To support education and research in the Department of Neurosurgery


Milton J. Rubenstein Neuroscience Research Facilitation Endowment

To facilitate research and education


George W. Perkins III Endowment for Neurosurgery

For education and research in neurosurgery and the neurological sciences