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An image of a mouse embryo head, cleared using iDisco+ and labeled using a fluorescent conjugated antibody against pHisH3, a marker of cell proliferation.

Boschen Lab

Dr. Karen Boschen, PhD
Phone: 315-464-7823
Email: Boschenk@upstate.edu

Our goal is to understand how environmental influences, like alcohol exposure, affect prenatal brain development. Together, we work to further our knowledge about how alcohol impacts the development of the embryo in a lab atmosphere that promotes inclusivity, collegiality, and scientific rigor.


  • 1/25/24 - Evie Fang started in the lab as a research technician
  • 1/24/24 - Undergraduate student volunteer Kristen May started in the lab

Join Our Team

Graduate Students: All prospective graduate students must apply to and be accepted by the Biomedical Sciences PhD programs (undecided or direct admit to the Neuroscience Program). Students must rotate through 3-4 research labs before joining a permanent lab. All graduate students joining the lab will do so only based on mutual agreement between the student and Dr. Boschen.

Lab Rotations: We are currently accepting rotation students for spring 2024 and for all three rotations in the 2024-2025 academic year. As slots are limited, please contact Dr. Boschen if you are interested.

Student Volunteers: We accept student volunteers from both Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University. For SU undergraduates, work in the lab can be on a volunteer basis, as a course credit with Dr. Boschen’s agreement, or through a work-study program. All students are expected to work in the lab ~10 hours per week, in-person.

Postdoctoral Fellows: Openings for a postdoctoral position will be announced later this year.

Research Technicians: We do not have any opening for staff at this time.

Email Dr. Boschen to apply