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Physiology Lab

MS in Physiology

For MD Students

Physiology Program

The MS in Physiology for MD Students

The goal of this master’s degree program is to offer eligible Medical Students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of biomedical research and the contribution of basic/translational research to the development of medical treatments and cures.

Who Should Apply

This program is open to SUNY Upstate Medical Students with prior research experience and who have taken the STEP 1 exam.

What to Expect

Under the direction of their research mentor, students will work on a structured research project that is achievable within one year. Students will be fully incorporated into the lab as a graduate student and will take part in all lab and departmental activities. Students will participate in university-wide retreats, and regional or national conferences if appropriate. At the end of their 12-month tenure, students will submit a complete written thesis, which will include observations that will be published as a stand-alone work, or as part of a larger laboratory effort. After their defense, students will receive a Master of Science degree, not a dual MS/MD.