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Medical Students entering the Master of Physiology year will fulfil a minimum of 3.5 additional didactic credits and 10 research credits through the following curriculum:

Additional Courses for Medical Students

Course Number Title / Topic CR
GS637 Responsible Conduct of Scientific Research 2
PHY659 Neuroscience & Physiology seminar series (attending & presenting) 0
GS660 Discovery Science to Patient Care 1
PHY654 Physiology Master’s Thesis Proposal 0.5
Research Credit >10
Didactic Credits 3.5-4
Research Credits >10 

All students engaged in research are required to take Responsible Conduct of Scientific Research.

The Master’s Thesis must rise to the level of research that is ready to be published or to be incorporated in a larger lab publication in the near future.

Students will select their lab through rotations and may begin rotations as early as during the summer after MS1.

One Didactic Credit amounts to ~15 contact hours per semester; hence, the course workload for the year would amount to 1 hour per week on average. Note that Research Credits do not follow this same rule.

While not required, students may take additional courses upon consultation with their research mentor.