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Neurology Research

SUNY Upstate Neurology Department Research Division is involved in basic science and translational research as well as clinical trials. Our basic science team investigates such areas as the role of key molecules in the regulation of bioenergetics and inflammation in cells in central nervous system. The outcomes from studies such as this are critical in understanding the cause for Multiple Sclerosis. We are committed to the long-term future progress of these studies in which critical questions on the mechanisms of neurological disease may be determined.

Our Clinical Trials Division strives to make scientifically sound and safe clinical trials available to the communities in which we serve. These trials represent the cutting edge of human exploration in the field of Neurology. Data collected from a Phase 2 or Phase 3 trial could lead to approval or rejection of new drugs and devices. It could also aid in the formation of clinical guidelines or provide contributions to our understanding of disease processes.