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  • Enjoying the Fall Foliage
    Enjoying the Fall Foliage
  • Halloween Party
    Halloween Party
  • Resident Welcome Picnic, 2019.
    Resident Welcome Picnic, 2019.
  • Enjoying a ball game.
    Enjoying a ball game.
  • Pizza out with friends.
    Pizza out with friends.
  • A bird's eye view of residents enjoying a bonfire.
    A bird's eye view of residents enjoying a bonfire.
  • Enjoying a day out.
    Enjoying a day out.
  • Hanging out on the water.
    Hanging out on the water.
  • Fun in the mystery room.
    Fun in the mystery room.

Resident Life

Neurology Residents 2018

In our minds, residency can best be described with two words: roller coaster. There are some days that we're not sure whether to scream in glee or sadness. Residency isn't easy-but it isn't meant to be. We all put in a ridiculous number of hours at work, but we have our ways to deal with it. Basically, work hard but play harder!

At the hospital, between placing orders and making phone calls, we always find time to crack a joke or feed our inner nerd by discussing recent cases or imaging. Outside of the hospital, all bets are off! When you work roughly 12 hours a day with a group of people, you get to know them really well. We love to do anything from getting together for drinks to paintballing to kayaking to wine tasting. And we make sure it happens often! Residency life isn't easy or always 100% about work if you don't want it to be. So sit back and strap in, because residency may be a roller coaster but its worth it!

Syracuse is surrounded by amazing rolling hills, rich green trails and clear blue lake water. Fifteen minutes from the hospital you can have leisurely walk in Green Lakes State Park or ride a boat around Skaneateles Lake. A short distance away you can be driving around amazing wine trails in the Finger Lakes region or climb one of the scenic trails of the Adirondack Mountains. In winter these landscapes become a haven for ski fanatics. Downtown Syracuse offers a variety of restaurant and pubs with year-round festivities such as "A Taste of Syracuse", "Jazzfest", and numerous arts festivals. Syracuse is a major hub in Upstate New York, connecting major cities from New York City to Toronto.

Most residents live in nearby Madison, Jefferson Tower. Some in surrounding suburbs in Liverpool, Manlius and Jamesville area which has a good safe blend of nature and accessibility to schools, shopping areas, market and recreational parks. Major transportation centers such as the Syracuse Hancock international airport and Regional transport center is located few minutes away from the hospital.

— Sonia Nayyar, MD and Michael Mendoza, MD